Another Friday

Well, here I am, at home, in Cicero, NY… it’s Friday and I’m sitting here having a cup of java and a few ciggies… I know these are bad habits, but, hey, that’s my path right now.

Doing some odds and ends around the house, to get ready for my trip to Atlanta for the winter… looking forward to “playing” with my wife, Helga, and enjoying some warmth and sunshine…

It’s 1 PM and I’ve finished the outlets, blinds and paint touchup in the bedroom I remodeled this last summer… finally done!!


Following is a little something I wrote a while ago… it’s not finished and will need some “tidying up”, but I felt I needed to get something up on here….

I submit that GREED is not only unpatriotic, it is anti-human… as the rest of the undeveloped world enters the consumer market and accepts Greed as their god, we are ALL doomed… there just is not enough resources available on this planet to support this many people!!

I feel this problem has sprouted from a basic confusion about two human values: PLEASURE and HAPPINESS!
Pleasure is temporary, fleeting, self-centered, and ultimately leaves one feeling empty and unsatisfied. It leaves one chasing after more “stuff” (money, clothes, car, bigger house, etc.) and into a never-ending spiral of unsatisfied “needs”… it’s like an addict having to have a bigger fix just to feel “normal”….
Happiness, on the other hand, brings long-lasting satisfaction and contentment and may even bring about JOY… the problem is you can’t buy it or “get it” in any of the  “usual” ways… it is a state of mind that is CREATED and is always available in every situation, at any time, wherever you may be!!
Now, I’m the first to admit that this all seems rather airy-fairy, but I assure you, it is real and obtainable… I’m not going to go into all the techniques that allow one to acquire this state of mind, but, I can guarantee you that, if you are fully interested in finding true happiness, you will find all the resources you need right inside yourself!!

Hello world!

Wow… my first blog and my first post… finally. I’m published!! LOL

Nothing too heavy to say, today, except I’m looking forward to some lively discussions with like minded (or, unlike minded, for that matter) about whatever comes up for me (or you!)… my main focus will be on exploring the realm of WHAT IS: what’s true (and what that means) and what isn’t, and everything in between and its impact on all our lives.

I don’t feel any subject is off limits, but I won’t put up with obvious “disruptors” nor anything else that attempts to destroy the spirit of free-form discussion. I request that anyone who chooses to play here be open-minded and respectful of other people’s opinions.

So, let the games begin… who knows where this will go??