Don’t know… not much to say, really… just spent a whole day, yesterday, checking out a ton of links on the John Scalzi‘s “Whatever” blog page (he had a “pimp” day which allows all posters to promote their favorite cause or site)…  of course, I championed my own site and got a bunch of hits (wow…7.. !!)… but ZERO comments… a little depressed over that and wondering why no one has anything to say about my super intelligent and sssoooo insightful entries? Maybe I should do what other popular bloggers do and just post things that are going to be useless but controversial… you know, politics, religion, cooking, etc… anything that will trigger a flood of blatherings… John gets 20K+ hits a day (I’m totally impressed!) but of course he is a well recognized, successful writer\blogger and his site has been running for 12 years while I’m a nobody who has only been blogging for about 3 weeks… still, I wish somebody would say something… ANYTHING!!

So, if you are here, now (which you must be, since you’re reading this) please, please, please (I’m begging here, if you haven’t noticed) leave some kind of comment… At this point, I’m not concerned with quality or content, just quantity… as I said above: something, ANYTHING!!

Gotta go slit my wrist, now… have a nice day!! ;-))

3 thoughts on “HHHHMMMMM??!!

  1. So, I decided that if I was going to have any comments here, I would have to be the one to do it… at least for now… I think I’m over having to see comments here… after all, it is just a blog and I’m writing for no particular reason other than to learn to express myself better and to improve my writing skills. I guess I’m successful so far!

    YAY for me!

  2. Oh, please don’t. Never beg. Truly, it’s beneath you.

    Comment on other people’s blogs (writers, if that’s your audience of choice), allow them to get to know you, become part of the community, and they will come. Slowly, but it will happen.

    Spend that wrist-slitting time doing something useful, like making a list of tittilating blog topics. You know, like…whether or not to use the serial comma. Why should we let the Chicago Manual of Style hog all the comma fun? Right? Right.

  3. Delia, thanks so much for your loving comment. I’m past begging (thank you) and was in a desperate place when I posted that. I’ve since moved on to just writing what I feel and (as you recommended) partaking in other’s blogs to build some sense of community. The rest will come as things progress….

    And, in anticipation of this being the only comment I’ll get today, I’m happy to inform you that you’ve won the coveted “BEST COMMENT OF THE DAY” award… Congrats!!

    frank c

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