Happy Thanksgiving!!

Today has been designated as the time for Americans to celebrate Thanksgiving and although I’m not a big fan of all the “mindless, commercialized holidays” that we are endlessly and needlessly bombarded with, I think this an excellent time to reflect on the things I am grateful for in my life. One of my biggest “rules for living” is to be in a constant state of gratitude and acceptance… to be fully conscious each moment of the wonder and beauty of the world around me and to treat each person I meet with respect and love. Sure I fall short at times but that is my intent, and the more I practice it, the better I get.

I’d like to take a moment to reflect on all the people who have contributed so much to my life, especially those who have “passed over”; the list is endless and I know I’ll miss someone but I’ll do my best: my grandparents, my parents, my wives, my sons, my daughters-in-law, my grandsons, my aunts, uncles, nieces,  nephews and cousins; my brothers and sister; my many friends and acquaintances… to all those who have touched my life or will affect it in the future. (I was contemplating naming each person but that would have taken considerable time and space). A special thanks to the Source of All that Is, (whatever name That may have) and to all the big and little things that make up my world, especially this “body” which allows me to move around and experience all the beauty and wonder of it all. Thank you, thank you, thank you…

As I re-read this post, I can not help but notice how I’ve fallen short in expressing what I’m feeling and intending… words are just so inadequate and superficial. But, the intent is there and that’s all any of us can really do… and, my wish for you is that you each have a life filled to the brim with happiness, joy, abundance, peace and love, each and every second.

Now, I gotta go help prepare today’s “food orgy”… Many blessings to you all!

One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving!!

  1. Welcome to all my family and FB friends! feel free to peruse my other witty and insightful blatherings on this site… just hit the “HOME” button above to view ALL my awesome posts!! LOL and, if you are so moved, leave a comment!!

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