Doggiesitting Part 4 and the day after Thanksgiving

Wow… what a great day it was yesterday… my wife’s family (who loves dogs!) came over and we had a great feast (smoked turkey, roasted veggies, homemade pies, beets and cranberry sauce, a few beers and a little wine) and some great conversation. The dog we’re sitting just totally freaked over all the loving attention she got and everyone got a chance to share in playing with her… she was the center of attention all day! Add to that some good football on TV, a little music, some net-surfing and wonderful camaraderie and you got the formula for a perfect day… almost.

I did miss my family in CNY and all over the rest of the country, especially my two sons (and, of course, their families). But, I’m thankful for what I had and hope that everyone had an equally, if not better, day. I’m hoping to have some pictures up later…

The pup is telling me she’s gotta “go”… so, I’m off to do my duty!!

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