Doggiesitting Part 5

We returned our “puppy” to her owners last night and I’m going through withdrawals… although we only had her for 10 days, we had really become attached to her. There is something very heartwarming about being met every time you walk into a her space and she just acts sssooooo thrilled at seeing you! I mean, it is the personification of unconditional love… maybe we humans could take a lesson from this?

Today is Sunday and although I’d love to sit and watch football (and surf the net!) all day, I’ve already wasted spent the last three days doing that… so, Ive promised the wifey that I’d devote my full attention to her today. Small price to pay for totally goofing off for 3 days!

So, I’m off to do my duty… wish me luck.. see ya’ all on the flip side!

2 thoughts on “Doggiesitting Part 5

    • yeah, we’re seriously looking into that… one problem is finding the kind of dog we like. This dog had the sweetest personality I’ve ever seen and we wonder if we could ever find one just like her. I’ve been around too many dogs that I would NOT like to own. But, hey, ya’ never know!

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