The Law of Attraction

As I’ve continued my journey into Internet Marketing, one of the most over-used (and least understood) catch-words I’ve found is the “Law of Attraction”. To preface my comments, I’ll disclose that I’ve studied this subject for many years, and although I may not be an “expert”, but I feel I have a wealth of information that I wish to share here.

Our Reality


Reality (Photo credit: Bright Meadow)

I believe we live in a shared dream, called “reality”, which we have created through our One Mind. We are all a part of that One Mind and contribute to the reality we experience by what we hold, both consciously and sub-consciously, as our “world view”. The part of our Mind that thinks it is living “here” is actually asleep, and totally unaware of it’s real nature. The part of our Mind that is our True Home is fully aware of Who We Really Are and wants us to wake up and remember out true identity. It is constantly trying to nudge us into situations that will help us to get past our illusions and find our way Home. We experience these “nudges” as life challenges, which are really hidden opportunities for our growth and spiritual evolvement. Within each challenge is an opportunity to experience ourselves as more than we thought we were. Because most of us have been brought up to see these challenges as “negative problems”, we fear them and avoid putting ourselves in any situation that may produce them. This is not right or wrong… it just slows down our progress along the path, but since time is also an illusion, it really doesn’t matter.

Then, Why Bother?

Why Bother?

So, you might be asking, if it doesn’t matter how long it takes and I’ll eventually make it Home regardless of what I do, why bother? Well, that’s where Free Will comes in: we get to choose how long it takes… the end result is guaranteed, but we can delay it or we can cooperate with the process. My personal preference has been to accelerate the process as much as possible by learning how it works and utilizing every “trick” to evolve as quickly as possible.

What Have I Learned?


I can not even begin to list all the seminars and workshops I’ve attended, nor all the books I’ve read nor the hundreds of tapes and CDs I’ve listened to in my pursuit of the TRUTH. I have left no stone unturned in my search and, although no single source seemed to answer all my questions, I’ve synthesized a belief system that works for me. AND, I’m not done… each new insight just brings me  to a new level of discovery that requires me to look deeper for a new solution. Presently, I’m designing a website that will better explain my process and it will have some tools that will help you to understand it better and to experience the results, yourself.

What YOU Do?

The Attraction

The Attraction (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since nothing happens by accident, you are here because you either have something to learn or something to contribute, or maybe both. So, to fulfill your part in this “dance”, please leave a comment with any kind of thoughts, suggestions or feedback… whatever you feel “moved” to say… who knows what effect you may have. Some questions I have are:

  • Do you think a self-awareness website would be useful?
  • how might it be setup?
  • do you think it could be totally free, with the ability to make donations?
  • would a weekly newsletter be helpful, or would a linked blog with frequent posts be better
  • would the addition of a discussion forum be useful?
  • do you think Baby boomers would be a good “niche market” for this?

Whatever you decide to do, I’m grateful that you “showed up” and I’m send you many blessings on your journey…. PEACE!!!

6 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction

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  2. Nice blog Frank!

    As you know my business is on the internet so I have some insight and can offer some opinions. On your 1st question – the answer is yes IMO. But, as you have no doubt realized by now, it is going to have tons of competition, and making a living from it is probably going to be difficult..

    When I started DPSS back in 1997, there were literally only a small handful of retail pool supply businesses on the net, with a total of around 12-1500 pages or so.. A lot of people told me in 1996 that they thought there was no way that I could market pool supplies this way. I’m glad I didn’t listen to them, as I am still doing it 16 years later. But, since the early part of the decade when the internet really started catching on with the general public, the explosion in competition has been, as I expected it would be, breathtaking. Now, there are literally millions of pages just for pool supplies vying for people’s eyeballs. The barriers to entry are low on the internet. Since 2001, my business has been steadily declining, though has still managed to pay the bills. I have not done any active internet marketing though, I have relied strictly on organic search results. It has gotten to the point where I may have to find another line of work or begin actively promoting which can cost a lot time and of money. Not sure yet what I will do. I don’t want to play Google’s extortion game, so I may re-double my efforts on organic searches, and try some other approaches.

    Now, it isn’t good enough just to have good or even great content because of so much competition. You have to be good at marketing and even then things are iffy.

    A discussion board and a newsletter would be absolutely essential. The nature of an endeavor like that would pretty much demand it. Content is king, and the more you have the better. Active discussion boards lead to more potential exposure by the search engines and increase the possibilities of your site being seen. The real challenge would be to get good inbound links This is something which I never actively pursued and am paying the price for now. It has become very important for good rankings to get good links. The way the search engines look at things, the more links you have to your site, he more important it must be. One of the problems with that as I have always maintained is that that system is flawed and routinely gamed by the unscrupulous and I don’t really care to play it.

    Good website optimization is critical, but the rules are ever-changing. What is recommended/essential at one time can all of a sudden get you in trouble, as with the Google Panda update, which my website is still smarting from two years later.

    Anyhow, I don’t want to dissuade you from starting a website, because for almost any business a website is essential these days. I do want you to be aware of the difficulties you can expect though. I wish it were as easy as it was when I started, but unfortunately that is not the case. As long as your expectations are realistic you won’t suffer any disappointments.

    Hope this helps. If you have any questions let me know I’d be happy to help

    Take care Frank


    • Hi, Artie… thanks for your comment and the very useful information. A big part of the training I’m going through is devoted to business building and we have a ton of resources to help us create a viable (and hopefully profitable) online presence. The bigger challenge for me is deciding what direction I want to go in with regards to my site and promoting it. Talk to you soon!!

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