Quantum Life Coaching (Part 1)

This series is going to summarize my latest adventure into using the Internet as a vehicle for making a difference in the world and creating an income flow. Today, I registered for a course called Quantum Success Coaching, which is being offered by a trainer named Christy Whitman . I will chronicle here all my thoughts and impressions as I navigate this journey over the next year. My posts will appear under the Quantum Life Coaching category that you can find in the menu on the right edge of any page. For those who have been following my recent posts about Internet Marketing (which I’ve left on the blog), this change in direction may seem sudden and strange, but it is the direct result of two insights:

  • Although I found I could have made money using Internet Marketing, I was unable to find a product or service that I could, in good conscience, support and recommend to my friends and clients.
  • Becoming a Life Coach, especially using the techniques and tools offered by this training, will fulfill one of my lifelong dreams of being able to contribute in a meaningful and lasting way to the lives of others.

In the process of making this decision, I was faced with a tremendous amount of doubt and fear. I’ve taken many other trainings in the past and have spent a ton of money trying to prepare myself for this task, but have never been able to see it through. In retrospect, I can see that I’ve sabotaged myself each time I’ve approached the point where I could actually start applying my new skills. What is different now that makes me feel I can see this through and move forward with my dream? Well, the number one factor is that my wife is fully behind me in this and she will definitely help keep me on track, especially since she realizes how passionate I am about this, not to mention the large financial investment we had to make.

I still have some concerns about my ability to actually accomplish this, however I believe that this fits perfectly into my life philosophy: our greatest spiritual growth comes to us through our willingness to deal with the toughest challenges, especially those that allow us to contribute to others and to fulfill our most passionate dreams.

 I’m looking forward to your comments and feedback as I document this journey… PEACE!!

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