Quantum Life Coaching (Part 2)

What’s New:

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Wow, things are moving forward very quickly, now, and it seems that the Universe is responding with timely and synchronistic help. Since I’ve made the decision to pursue a coaching career, I’ve been exposed to a number of “teachings”, mostly in the form of videos I’ve “accidentally” run across on the Net. One of the most impactful has been  an hour-long video of Tony Robbins doing an intervention with a suicidal teenage girl at one of his live events. (click here to see it… note: there are many more examples of Tony’s work listed along the right sidebar). It really brought home many of the difficulties I personally experienced, both as a child growing up in a dysfunctional family, and as a parent, where I had repeated many of the same patterns that I had internalized as a child. For some reason, it affected me very deeply, and allowed me to recognize my own deeply-rooted patterns and helped me to finally let them go. My only hope is that I can be as effective and loving as Tony is in helping others release the past and move into a more empowering future.

How I see it:


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This incident, along with several others that have happened recently, are in total alignment with my life philosophy and reinforces my assertion that we are creating our reality. If my beliefs are accurate, and I’m more convinced than ever that they are, then we are all having exactly the life we expect to get, although we are largely not aware of how we’re doing it. We have many deeply-rooted, subconscious beliefs and values that have combined to form an an unconscious (and emotionally charged) world-view that draws to us our real-life experiences. So, it isn’t actually a question of if this stuff really works, but more of an inquiry into how we can use those tools to create a more satisfying and empowering future. We all want a better life, but we each seem to fall short, no matter how hard we try. Maybe it’s time for change!!

What are the Steps to making Permanent Change?

First, you need to make a decision that what you’ve tried so far hasn’t worked, and that there is a possibility that there is another way, and that you are ready to at least consider it and “try it on”. Secondly, you need to get honest with yourself and be willing to become aware of those parts of yourself that are sabotaging your best plans. This step by itself will have many beneficial effects… just becoming aware of these “hidden motivators” will help to dispel them and start the healing process… of course, it make a little time to completely let them go. Thirdly, a compelling, new future needs to be created, and, through the use of visualization, affirmations, meditation and a wide variety of other transformational tools, the new “you” needs to be held in your minds eye and “energized” so that the Universe can start sending you everything you need to fully realize your dreams.

Do You need a Coach?

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For some people, reading some books or attending a seminar or workshop or watching a video, will be enough to get the results they want. But, for most of us, having a mentor or coach to assist us during this process is the only way to get the permanent changes we seek. They will help us to find and remove those roadblocks and remind of what we need to do reach our goals… they not only assist us in creating our new dreams, they keep us on track so we don’t fall back into old patterns. there are many coaches operating today but not all of them will be effective in every situation… it is important to find the one that you feel connected to and able to trust to mentor you during the upcoming challenges. I will soon be working with a personal coach who is one of the former students of the training I’ve signed up for. I’ll keep you posted here of my experiences and impressions as move along this path.

In Closing, I’d like to say… 

thank you for taking the time to read my posts… knowing that even a few people are viewing this is very helpful to me. I invite you to comment below and to participate in this conversation by subscribing to this blog. I’m not sure where this will all lead to, but it’s nice to have company along the way!

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