Newsletter 7: The PIQIT Process

Introducing the PIQIT Process

As most of you already know, I’m always looking for ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the ECAP (Emotional Chart Atonement Process). This process forms the core of all my coaching relationships and is based on the popular book series of award-winning author Greg Kuhn, “Why Quantum Physicists…”. As a result of my research, personal experience and feedback from clients, I’m now able to officially announce the introduction of the PIQIT (Presence, Inquiry, Quantum Forgiveness, Integration, Truth) process as a tool to augment the already very powerful ECAP. And, not only does it accelerate your progress with moving up the chart, it also reduces the stress and “blocks” that many people face along the path. Let me explain a little about it:


The most powerful part of the ECAP is becoming aware of your emotional state, now, and the uncovering of the underlying unconscious stories/beliefs that keep them energized. This step is greatly enhanced when you incorporate Presence into your practice time. Being Present isn’t just an enhanced state of now awareness… it represents the very essence of What You Are. You are the Awareness that is conscious of your experience in this world. It is also the part of you that is connected to all other seemingly separate minds (in the One Mind) and, as such, is the Source of True Wisdom and Knowledge.

Presence wants you to be happy and free… and, IT knows that the only way that this can happen is for you to notice and release these old limiting stories/beliefs/emotions. IT will keep bringing this old stuff up, for you to process, for as long as it takes for you to return to the Awareness of Your True Self. This means that every upset/negative emotion that you experience at any moment throughout the day is simply a “gift” from Presence to assist you in returning to your natural state of Oneness with All-That-Is.

If you apply this technique on a consistent basis, you will gain the most real progress in the shortest time possible. This might not seem like a “fun” way to live life, and, admittedly, it will lead to some confronting and uncomfortable scenarios, but I assure you that it is the fastest and most effective way to find permanent True Happiness.

At the end of this article, I’ll give a short explanation of the Presence Breathing Technique that will help you to learn and implement this essential tool.


This step is pretty well covered in earlier posts and is included with my ECAP outline for my clients, but I’ll give a short explanation here. By bringing Presence into into your life, you will inevitably get in touch with all the accumulated (and previously unconscious) “stuff” that you’ve been mistakenly thinking was “you”. By questioning into the deeper meaning, and hidden agendas, of your “frozen past”, you’ll begin to free yourself of your attachment to these limiting, self-sabotaging, stories and beliefs, and this will automatically reintegrate all those “lost parts”.

One of the huge benefits of bringing Presence into this step is that you’ll find you don’t need to actually know all the details (story) of those past traumatic events… once you’ve allowed yourself to be fully Present to the trapped emotional energy, it will quickly and permanently dissolve and allow itself to be integrated.

Quantum Forgiveness

Sometimes, you may find some old traumatic emotion/energy patterns that are persistent or difficult to move past. This is where Quantum Forgiveness will be of great assistance. Unlike the commonly used forgiveness that most everyone adheres to (I know you did something wrong to me, but I’m going to be “big enough” to let you off the hook), Quantum Forgiveness hinges on your ability to understand that you are a spiritual being having a human experience, and that the part of you that is REAL is infinite and beyond any kind of harm from anything or anyone… it just can’t happen, regardless of what you thought was true in the past. You may have to be with that fact for a bit to let it sink in.

To apply Quantum Forgiveness, whenever you are upset, instead of trying to find a way to get rid the “feel bad” situation, start using the Presence Breathing Technique to focus on the story/belief/emotion (that you are experiencing NOW) with the intent that you receive any “gifts” it has to offer and that the emotional memory be healed and integrated. Allow yourself to be Present to it, and ask your Higher Power to assist you in forgiving yourself and ALL others who might be involved, so that you can let it go. Trust that this issue is totally resolved in the best and most ecological way possible for you, and that you will become aware of the results when you are ready to receive it.


Once the frozen emotional charge is released, that part of you that was “stuck in the past” can now be healed and integrated. When this happens, you will notice an increase in your personal energy and a feeling of wholeness that is impossible to put into words. Allow yourself to be fully present to the experience, and express your appreciation and gratitude for having finally freed yourself of that enormous burden. The really great part of this is that, not only is that part of you set free, but it now becomes an ally in your journey to wholeness… are you beginning to see how awesome this is?!


Okay, this is the payoff of doing all this “work”… once you shed all the baggage, you get to be the Authentic You that you’ve always been. Through Presence, you become intimately connected to Source Energy, and you now have full access to the Wisdom and Knowledge that will guide you through the rest of your life. You will be living at a vibrational level of Joy, Peace, Love and Abundance, and your world will reflect that back to you… all your needs will be effortlessly met, and everything that manifests will be for your Higher Good… and, best of all, you’ll be co-creating it ALL!!

This is The Truth that you are… you’ve been trapped in an illusion of limitedness and littleness, while all that time you’ve been this infinitely perfect Being. Sounds like a journey worth taking, to me… what do you think?

===== This, That and The Other Thing ====

Teleseminars: Greg Kuhn and I have decided to temporarily suspend the Thursday Night “Grow a Greater You” Teleseminars for the summer. We plan on resuming on July 17th. We will keep you posted of any new developments. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your participation in the past and I’m looking forward to seeing you all again in July. In case you missed any of the sessions, they are all archived on my website here.

Greg also has a link to these archives on his blog site, plus a ton of other info, including a schedule of his upcoming live events and a list of his great books.

ECAP Tip of the Month: This is called the Conscious Continuous Breathing Technique… it is designed to help you become more Present to your inner Self and your different emotional states in a way that is more powerful, yet much less stressful. It will also assist you in your ability to let go of the old stories and to integrate the aspects of your beliefs/personality that seem to be so persistent and painful.

This is be done twice a day, once in the early morning, and once in the evening before bed… for 15 minutes, sit comfortably with your eyes closed, and focus on consciously breathing in a continuous flow, while repeating this phrase: I am here now, in this. Start with the word “I” on your in-breath, then “am” on the out-breath, then “here” on the next in-breath, “now” as you exhale, then “in” as you inhale, and finish with “this” as you exhale, then repeat for the full 15 minutes, without any pauses between breaths. Keep your attention on what is going inside your body.

The secret to this exercise is to breath in a slow, relaxed continuous flow… allow yourself to find a natural rhythm to your breathing, and don’t allow pauses between each inhale/exhale cycle. If any thoughts or physical sensations arise, notice them and just let them go and return your focus to your breathing. You will probably experience a lot of resistance to doing this simple exercise… there are parts of you that will feel threatened by this process, but you need to do it consistently, despite any resistance you may encounter.

After each fifteen minute session, sit quietly for 3 minutes and just feel what is going on inside you in an objective and non-judgmental manner. To enhance and lock-in the experience, you can write a journal entry, reflecting on what you felt, heard and thought, or anything else that may have been significant for you during the exercise.

If, for any reason during the day, you are feeling any “stuff” coming up (in the form of any upset/negative emotion), just refocus on your breathing while having the intent to allow yourself to process the emotion and let it go… this will eventually remove the trapped energy in those unresolved emotional events from your past. And, you can combine it with the mantra/prayer you created in the morning session to really blow those old stories out of the water!

Be sure to use this exercise before each session. Take care of yourself during this process, and don’t try to change anything in your external world… just focus on improving your connection to your True Self… this will make a huge difference in your future interactions with the process. Get plenty of rest, take a walk, drink a lot of water, and do whatever it takes to relax and enjoy your present life situation…. your well-being is the most important thing right now.

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Quote of the Week: “This process isn’t really about feeling better… it’s about learning to get better at feeling!” Michael Brown “The Presence Process”