About Me

First off, I’d like to welcome you to my blog and thank you in advance for your interest and, hopefully, your participation. In this section, I’ll try to give you a little sense of “who I am” and “what I’m becoming”. As I contemplate how to accomplish this seemingly simple task, I am struck by the enormity of it all. I think this is always the challenge of the art of writing: maximum impact with the fewest words possible. With that in mind, let us begin…. note: I’ve moved my personal info to the end of this page… if you want to read that first, just jump down to the bottom….

What I’ve studied

Even though I really bought into the whole Catholic Church “thing” at an early age (who could help it when you’re surrounded by all that propaganda), I became totally disillusioned as I started to see the hypocrisy and illogical teachings put forth by the nuns, priests and other “pious” adults in my life. By the age of 13, I had totally bailed out and started putting together my own belief system based on my own “gut” feelings: an omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent “GOD” would not use fear to control people, would not need prayers to tell Him what to do and certainly “lived” in more places than just the local Catholic Church. This has led to a life-long search into religion and spirituality, which has led me to the study of many “disciplines” and philosophies.

I have to admit here that I was a hippy during the 60’s and 70’s, and I experimented with every drug I could find. Although I never became addicted to any of them (except cigarettes), the experiences I had during that time completely changed my world view and opened my mind to the endless possibilities of the power of perception to create our reality. I started reading everything I could find on spirituality, quantum physics, New Age Thought, metaphysics, The Law of Attraction, meditation, visualization, ancient teachings, out-of-body travel, positive thinking, miracles, magic, and whatever else I could find that even hinted at giving me a clue about this subject. In “88, I was introduced to A Course in Miracles, which has remained my #1 source of comfort and guidance ever since.

After my divorce in ’93, I decided I wanted to become a “healer” and started attending various trainings and workshops: The Forum (formerly est), Avatar, NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis (I’m a certified Master Practitioner of both), Reiki (I’m a 3rd degree Master), the Order of Melchizedek (of which I’m an ordained priest… I had to have this designation in NYS to be able to touch people for Reiki), and, when none of this seemed to really work, I decided to try Life Coaching and started taking courses offered by CoachU and Coaching from Spirit. Although I liked the idea of mentoring others in their life journeys, I could not reconcile pursuing worldly goals with what I considered spiritual evolution, and so I never fully implemented a career in that field.

Now What? 

Which brings me to my present journey. I retired from Chrysler in 2008 and, for awhile, I just hung out and enjoyed the freedom of not having to do anything. It soon became painfully apparent that the old saying “use it or lose it” was playing havoc with my mind and body… I felt like rigamortis was setting in!  My wife loves remodeling and landscaping, so I jumped into some fairly enormous projects, which kept me physically and mentally stimulated for a few years, but eventually I became concerned about 2 things: these activities were not very rewarding on a deeper level and our cash flow was not going to carry us very far into our “golden years”.

These insights brought me to the realization that I needed to find a way to supplement my income AND create a more compelling future. I started exploring franchises but quickly found that it required a large investment of both time and money. However, it did lead me to exploring some other alternate business models, and I soon became focused on Internet Marketing and affiliate programs. I have some other posts on here that go more deeply into this subject, but suffice it to say that it was not going to be my preferred choice. A few good things came out of  it, though, one of which was the renewal of a desire to help others in some way, especially older retirees, you know, the “baby boomers”, who like me, were facing many challenges as they contemplated a very uncertain future.

Then, in a flash, it struck me… the challenges that all of us face in life are the opportunities for us to discover our greatness, those parts of our selves that would not be experienced otherwise! This is where I was able to reconcile spiritual growth with material world accomplishment: the cornerstone of A Course in Miracles is that I am healed as I see others as perfect already, and a basic premise of some of the coaching programs is that the “client” already knows the answers to their “problems” and can uncover them when the coach  assists them in removing the ‘blocks” ,that they’ve unconsciously placed there, by holding a picture of them as if they have already accomplished their dreams. So, I get to heal my  Self as I help others create and implement a compelling future, AND I get to make some money in the process… a WIN-WIN-WIN situation!! As a fringe benefit, I get to work for myself from home (or wherever I am), set my own hours, and the investment is minuscule compared to most any other business model. Dude, sign me up!

You can follow my journey into coaching here… I’m documenting the whole experience here on my blog… ENJOY!!

Personal Info

I was born Francis Michael Colella, Jr. on March 4, 1949 at Mercy Hosital in Auburn, NY to Frank and Ida Colella. I’m the oldest of five children: Joseph (Joe), Richard (Rick), Lucia (Lu) and Thomas (Tom). I married my first wife (Leslie) in 1973 (divorced in 1993) and have two children , Jeramie Michael (Jer, born 1974, married to JoAnna, with one son, Anthony, living in New Hampshire) and Ian Scott (Ian, born 1976, married to Debra, with one son, Aiden, and a new daughter, Abigail, and living in Colorado). I’m currently happily married to a wonderful woman named Helga, and we share homes in Atlanta, GA and Cicero, NY.

I was raised a Catholic and attended St. Francis of Assisi grade school. Central High School, Cayuga Community College (1 yr) and the University of Hawaii (one semester), but returned to CCC to get my AAS degree in the 70’s. I’ve had many jobs in my life, mostly revolving around electricity and electronic technology, the most recent of which was New Process Gear as a maintenance electrician\technician (1998-2008) and am now retired.

I have been an avid reader all my life, mostly novels (especially sci-fi) when I was younger and then, somwhere in my 20’s , almost exclusively “esoteric” (religious, spiritual, healing, mind, new-age, etc) types with a sprinkling of “heavy science” (quantum physics, space travel, electronic technology) but recently I have stopped searching for “answers” (more on this later) and have gone back to sci-fi for just pure enjoyment. Actually, I’d love to try my hand at writing and have 4-5 novels floating around in my head. More specifically, my intent is to write something that would be spiritually enlightening but presented as a spell-binding, thought-provoking epic sci-fi thriller…. anyone interested in something like that??

Presently, I smoke cigarettes, drink coffee, am slightly over-weight and watch a lot of sports on TV. I like long walks in the woods, cross-country skiing, biking, surfing the Net, reading, walking, talking and day-trips  with my wife. I’m pretty good at remodeling and have done some pretty big jobs in the last couple of years, mostly because my wife watches too much HGTV. I complain a lot about doing this much work, but really like the feeling of accomplishment when I’m done. I think that about covers it for now…. Oh, yeah, as I said above, I’ve just started taking a year long Quantum Success Coaching training.

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