Newsletter 4 Coaching News and Updates

Just another Heart Attack…

As many of you probably already know, I recently had a “medical emergency” that prevented me from carrying out my coaching responsibilities. On Tuesday, Jan. 14th, I had a heart attack, but because of many “miraculous coincidences”, there was almost zero long-term damage, and I should enjoy a complete recovery. I apologize for any missed appointments or any other inconveniences this event may have caused any of you, and I’m fairly confident most of you will forgive me. And I want to thank all of you for your prayers and support… it made a big difference.. I am truly blessed! And please, if you missed a session because of this, login to the website and schedule another appointment ASAP… I will be back to work Monday morning (Jan 20th) and I’m looking forward to picking up right where we left off.

The Good Stuff

When I first started writing this update, my intention was to just clear the air about what had happened, but as I was thinking about what to say, I came to the realization that this was more than a news flash… it was a very personally impactful event, on many levels. I would like to share some of the insights that came to me during this adventure. I think anytime that any of us has a close call with death, there is some kind of spiritual experience that can’t be duplicated in any other way. It puts things into perspective and brings a perfect clarity to every area of our lives. The Buddhists have a saying: “make death your friend”, and if you can take a moment to contemplate the deeper meaning of that statement, I think you will understand the wisdom of it.

What can Death teach us?

This is not my first heart attack… I had one in 2002, and unlike this one, I actually did die for a short time… well, at least that’s what I was told, because as far as I was concerned, I just stopped existing for a short time. My heart had stopped for a “bit”, and clinically I was dead, but I didn’t get to the “going to the light” stage… I was here one second, then nothing, and then I was back. Although it was very short (and hardly noticeable), it was still a significant event… as I lay there in the hospital bed afterward, the thought came to me that that could have been the end.. no more me, no more chances to do more or better, no more time to do all that I had wished to do. The main question that came up was: “If that had been the end, was I OK with what I had done with my life, and the impact that I had had on those I came into contact with?”. How would you answer that question?

I think we all live with the false belief that we have plenty of time to “get it right”, to accomplish those things we want to do, to heal our relationships, to make some kind of meaningful contribution to the world… but, in truth, we never know when our number is up, or when someone we love is going to leave us. We squander our lives as if our actions are inconsequential and the feelings of others have little value to us. If you knew that today was your last opportunity to express yourself in this lifetime, how would you spend the day?

What I learned…

At that moment, twelve years ago, I made a pledge that I would be the best I could be, live my life to the fullest, bring as much joy and happiness to others as I could, and, most of all, keep ALL my relationships as clean as possible. To be honest, I haven’t been 100% successful in every area, but, at least from my perspective, I’ve done pretty damn good, and if I had “passed over” Tuesday, I would have had no regrets. However, in spite of my best intentions, I also realize that there are some things that I’ve let slide recently, and this “brush with death” has renewed my commitment in those areas. My hope is that some of you will take this to heart and it will form the impetus for you to take those first steps to “Growing a Greater You”… is there a better time to start than today??

And, now what?

As I re-read this “newsletter”, I feel it is totally inadequate to fully express what I’m trying to convey here… words just don’t seem to be able to capture the urgency and depth of this message, and of course, there’s my obvious limits, as a writer, to get the point across as well as I would have liked to. My hope is that, despite my shortcomings in trying to convey this message, that you are able to garner something useful to YOU!

If you’ve been following this newsletter, and the work Greg and I have done, you are probably already familiar with what we’re trying to accomplish with this adventure… if you want to know more, you can visit my website (Beyond Belief Coaching) or check out Greg’s website (Why Quantum Physicists...). And, we would love to hear any comments, thoughts or feedback right here on this blog…. what’s on your mind?

If you have any connection to what I’ve shared here, please do yourself (and those you love) a big favour and get started today… if you don’t think I’m the guy who can assist you to make those changes, then find someone who you feel will fill that role. Whatever you decide to do, I hold you in the vision of your perfect success and send you all Light, Love, Joy, Abundance and Peace… NAMASTE!!

Other Misc News and Updates:

  • Greg and I will continue to offer our weekly teleconferences every Thursday evening at 8 PM. We cover a different subject each week, and we’ll primarily be discussing Greg’s award-winning books (The “Why Quantum Physicists…” series) and how I’ve incorporated his processes into my coaching practice. It is totally free and open to anyone who’s interested, by dialing this grownumber: 1-443-453-0034, then entering this code when prompted: 226919. Please note: this is not meant to be a lecture or “sermon”… we strongly encourage you to participate fully in the conversation… we hope to see you there! OBTW, an archive of past airings can be found at Greg’s website here.


  • One of the things that has become very apparent recently is that I’m quickly approaching overload as my coaching practice keeps expanding. As I devote more of my time to actual coaching sessions, I’m finding it harder to find the time to take care of the day-to-day responsibilities of running an online business. I am looking for a volunteer to assist me with this, and in return, they will not only learn a tremendous amount of invaluable information about the coaching business, they will receive some of the best personal coaching that can be found anywhere, not to mention the satisfaction of contributing to many other’s lives. This will become a paid position as soon as the cash-flow allows for it, but initially I’m afraid I can only offer it as stated. If you feel drawn to this opportunity, please contact me via my website, but only if you are sure you have the time and commitment that will be needed to “get it done”.


  • We’ve recently decided to offer our coaching training exclusively to our clients… the only way to become certified as an ECAP coach is to successfully go through the process as a client. If you are interested, the best way to get started is to sign up for a free intro session and see if this is what you are looking for. If you are already a client, send me a formal request… our first group will be limited to what we feel we’ll be able to handle effectively and efficiently, so be sure to sign up early. If you don’t make it into this initial group, your name will be placed on a waiting list for future consideration.

I’ve updated the Emotional Chart Attunement Process (ECAP) outline and I’ve changed the format to PDF (due to some problems a few clients had downloading and printing the Word format)… you can find it by logging into my site and clicking on <FORMS>  and then scrolling down to <DOCUMENTS>. This outline is the basis for all the coaching sessions, and is automatically sent to anyone who signs up for a free introductory session. Please visit my site for more info… thank you!


Newsletter 3 Our Stories Part 1

Newsletter 3 What’s Your Story?

Story Time

Story Time (Photo credit: Sergey Sus)

In an effort to help you better understand this new “process”, I’m going to be exploring the “stories” we create, how they affect our emotions, and how all that contributes to what we manifest into our lives. There will be several parts to this discussion, and because of the depth of each subject, I’ll only be able to touch on the most basic aspects of these concepts. In fact, my future newsletters will be dedicated to expanding and clarifying these very impactful paradigms. Let’s begin….

What is a Story and Why Do We Have Them?

The human brain is the organic computer that sits in our skull and has evolved into a marvelous device that does its best to keep us alive and safe. It starts doing its “job” a short time after conception, by observing, measuring and comparing ALL the data in our environment in an attempt to figure out what will benefit us or what will harm us. From this data, it creates our “world view”, and that “picture” not only defines everything “out there”, but it also becomes what most of us would call “who I am”.

Kite Stories

Kite Stories (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This “program”, which is almost fully “installed” by the time we reach age 5 or 6, is stored in the subconscious brain, which comprises about 95% of our total brain capacity. As a child, we have no way to accurately interpret what is going on around us, which means that this “view” is often distorted and limited (and, unfortunately for us, also very limiting!). It stores this “world view” as a “story” which it tells us whenever we become aware of anything that resembles a past, imprinting event (we’ll call that a “trigger”). These stories define every aspect of everything and everyone we encounter, and they form the basis of our judgments of others and, even more destructively, ourselves.

Remember this: the brain’s main function is to keep us safe, healthy and alive, and it is doing the best it can with what it knows… from a child’s point of view! And, since almost all that data is stored in the subconscious brain, it is very difficult to access. Essentially, we have a misinformed child, hiding in our heads, and it is running our lives.

It’s Only a Story… What Harm Can It Do?

So, every time we experience any kind of stimulus in our environment, the subconscious brain collects that data, compares it to what it has stored in it’s databank, and tells us a “story” about what it decides it means. Our belief in this “story” causes an emotional reaction, experienced as a physical sensation in our “gut area” (solar plexus), and then the brain creates another story about the meaning of that emotion,

I've Been Tagged.

I’ve Been Tagged. (Photo credit: *~Dawn~*)

which causes another reaction, and we are now stuck in what I call the “brain chatter/emotional reaction loop”. We become stuck in this endless loop, and we seem unable to break out of it until something else happens that draws our attention away from the loop long enough for it to fall into the background.

If you have any knowledge of quantum physics and the Law of Attraction (LOA), you might begin to get a glimpse how much damage this can do. Since our thoughts and emotions create a “vibration” in us that impacts the quantum field, and ultimately creates all that manifests into our world, when we are “stuck in the loop” initiated by a “negative” emotion, we are getting more of what we don’t want!

This Sounds Terrible…How Can I Break Out Of It?

Before I go into how to break the “loop”. I want to be perfectly clear about one point: ALL our emotions are vital and necessary, and none of them should be classified as “good” or “bad”. They are “signals” that are designed to tell us something about our relationship to our internal and external world. They not only tell us

Diagram depicting subconscious brain activity

Diagram depicting subconscious brain activity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

when something is “wrong” or dangerous (hey, there’s a tree about to fall on me!) but they also inform us of when we are experiencing something beautiful and enriching (wow, what a sunset!). And, if you are a fan of LOA, they can be seen as a part of our internal GPS that tells us how close of a match we are to our highest good: are we in alignment with our deepest desires?

Our resistance to what we’ve come to call our “negative” emotions, only serves to energize and strengthen them. One of the best and most effective ways I’ve found to break out of this loop, and begin to create a more empowering and fulfilling life, is the application of a process originally formulated in Greg Kuhn’s book series “Why Quantum Physicists….”.

I’m Curious… Tell Me More!

If you want peace

If you want peace (Photo credit: Celestine Chua)

If you’ve been following these newsletters, you know by now that I’m working with Greg to design a coaching platform based on his books, and we’ve recently named it the Emotional Chart Attunement Process (ECAP). For now, I’ll just say it is a way to disengage from the “loop” by learning to own your emotions by creating new, empowering “stories”. This breaks the hypnotic spell of the “loop” and slowly reprograms the subconscious brain so that it comes into alignment with your conscious, deliberate desires and goals… now, your whole brain is working with you to assist you in playing the game of “Growing a Greater You”!!

As I said at the beginning of this discussion, I’ll be explaining it more fully in future issues of the newsletter, but if you are interested in learning more about this exciting breakthrough, you can go to Greg’s blog or visit my site (Beyond Belief Coaching) and schedule a free introductory one hour coaching session. NAMASTE!

Newsletter 2 My Newest Process to Change Beliefs

What I’ve Been Up To

I want to apologize for the delay in publishing this installment of my newsletter, but there have been so many personal and professional matters that needed my attention and time just slipped away from me. Actually, and more accurately, my views and understanding of today’s subject matter has evolved so rapidly that it took time to solidify my thoughts into a definitive piece. This needs further explanation….

Distant Desire

My whole life has been spent trying to understand the “human condition”: Why are we here? Why are we the way we are and how can that be changed? What is the meaning of true happiness and how do we reach it? In an ongoing attempt to bring more clarity to these questions, I’m constantly searching for new sources of insight and better tools to implement the desired changes. As a professional Life Coach, I feel that I owe it to my clients to be able to assist them in discovering and manifesting their deepest desires, in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Quantum Physics and The Law of Attraction

To that end, I’ve recently come into contact with a process that I consider to be leading edge in creating real and permanent change, for myself and my clients. If you’re interested in exploring it more deeply, it is fully explained in a new book, “How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs”, written by the award-winning author, Greg Kuhn.

Parallel Universes

Parallel Universes (Photo credit: sea turtle)

. In fact, I’m now working with Greg to develop a new coaching paradigm based on this process and I’ve integrated it into my coaching practice.

Before I get into the process itself, I feel I need to explain why I would endorse yet another system when I’m already fully trained in using the Law of Attraction in my coaching practice. One of the problems almost everyone has when working with the LOA is the emotional roller-coaster ride they experience when trying to maintain the higher, positive “vibration” needed to manifest their desires. If you are starting at the bottom end of the emotional scale, in regards to that particular goal, it is almost impossible to make (and hold) the “quantum leap” to an emotional level needed to have that desire come to fruition. It’s just too unbelievable to you, and in fact, it is very threatening to that part of your brain that is your most essential ally in reaching your deepest desires.

A Gentler, Kinder Way…

Human Brain Evolution

On the other hand, this simple process offers an easy, non-threatening way to retrain the subconscious brain so that it is in alignment with your conscious wishes and desires. It involves using an Emotional Chart that arranges the full gambit of human emotions, in an ascending hierarchy, ranging from Depression/Hopelessness, at the bottom, to Love/Ecstasy, at the top end. To apply the process, you are asked to pick one unfulfilled desire or goal, that you wish to manifest, and look over the chart to identify where you feel you are right now in relation to that desire or goal.

Once you’ve decided on a starting point, you would spend that day totally immersed in that emotion, and how it relates to what you want to have, be, or do. You make statements and create stories, in the present tense, that help you to “own” the emotion in an objective way. At the end of the day (or, however long it takes you) when you feel “complete” with that particular emotion, you look at the chart and find the emotion that is the next level up and repeat the process, using that emotion, the following day.

The Secret Behind The Secret

On the surface, this may seem too simplistic to be very effective in assisting you to create real and permanent change. I’ve applied it in my own life, and used it with several of my clients, and I can guarantee you that it is very powerful and effective in bringing about the “reprogramming” that you will need to manifest your every wish. The real beauty of it is that anyone can buy the book and use it to make the changes they desire. However, it can be difficult to stay consistently focused and on-course long enough to get the desired results… the subconscious brain can be very persistent in maintaining it’s familiar and comfortable state of mind. It will use every trick at its disposal to keep you stuck in your “comfort zone”, despite all your

Secret Passage

Secret Passage (Photo credit: j.a.holland)

sincere attempts to “move up” the scale.

I’m not trying to paint the subconscious brain as some evil, disruptive force, bent on sabotaging your every effort in your journey to fulfillment… it is actually doing what it thinks is best for you in an attempt to keep you safe from what is sees as a threat. It wants to help you, it wants to keep you safe, and it is trying to do that in the best way it can.

A Little Help Can Go A Long Ways

My point is that, despite the best intentions of many people who try to apply this process in their lives, some will need a little “hand-holding” to stay focused and persistent long enough to get the results they are seeking. My experience has been that a short-term coaching arrangement can be very effective in getting “over the hump”. If, after you’ve learned and tried to apply this process in your daily life, but feel stuck or frustrated, you may decide you could use a little assistance. Great! Contact me to set up a free, no obligation, introductory session to explore the possibility.

My next installment in this series will be about how to implement this process in the most effective way and I will share some tips and techniques that I’ve found useful. As always, thank you for spending your time reading this, and allowing me to be of service to you. My greatest wish is that you find lasting peace, happiness, and joy, as you discover the True Self of your Being…. NAMASTE!

Newsletter 1 The Journey Begins

And, so, the Journey begins…

Look into the Future

As I stated in my Newsletter Intro, my intention is to assist you in participating in a journey to a place that will excite, empower and fulfill you. As in any journey, there are essential steps that need to be taken to ensure success: a starting point, a destination, a plan to get there and a way to tell if you’re on course. Naturally, you will need to “move” in order to get there, but what’s really cool about this trip is that, as soon as you start the process, you’ll be on the way. With that in mind, let’s look at the first step:

Where are you now?

This may seem to be an obvious or unnecessary question to many people, but I believe it is one of the most crucial steps in any successful journey. Do you really know where you are right now? Have you ever stopped to ask that question at a very deep level? Most of us would simply look around and say: “well, I’m right here! I’m in my living room, in front of the computer, reading this weird stuff, and wondering where this is taking me!”. While, on the surface, that may seem to be a fairly accurate observation, it only addresses the obvious and doesn’t get to the root of the problem. To better understand what we’re searching for, it will help to ask yourself a few thought-provoking questions. (NOTE: to get the most out of this exercise and the subsequent articles in this series, it will be very helpful to actually write down the answers to these questions. I suggest keeping a journal):

What is your present physical condition? Are you comfortable? Is there any pain or discomfort in your body? Where is it and how severe is it? Do you feel that the condition causing the pain or discomfort is under control? On a scale of 1-10, what would you say your overall physical condition is? What would it feel like to have your body be just the way you want it? What beliefs would a person have to have in order to create such a situation? Do you feel guilty or blame yourself for any of it, or are you just a victim of circumstances?

The Striatum; part of the basal ganglia; neura...

These questions are certainly not an exhaustive list, and barely scratch the surface, yet they are a good starting point. The goal of this exercise is to take the time to look more deeply and honestly into who and what you are right now. So far, I’ve just begun to explore the physical aspect of “where am I, now”… Let’s explore what else needs to be included in this initial, yet crucial, step…

What else is there?

Each of us, in our here and now, is a sum total of a number of aspects, including, but not limited to: physical/health, mental, spiritual/religion, career/job/money, relationships, etc. These aspects are created, controlled and experienced through our beliefs, values, thoughts and behaviors. Understanding and accepting how this all constitutes the YOU that exists at this moment, is of the utmost importance in any attempt to move beyond your present state of being. In fact, coming to terms with all of this will ultimately ease much of your present suffering… you can’t let go of what you don’t know you are holding onto!

I’m not saying that you are a “bad person”, or that you need to completely start over… far from it; you simply need to take an honest self-assessment, choose which aspects you’d like to keep and learn how to let go of those things that are preventing you from becoming the person you want to be. We’ll explore all of that as we advance on this journey, but for now, I want to leave you with something that will actually move you closer to your desired outcome.

Start Here:

Make a commitment, right now, to take the first steps toward creating a life that will really turn you on… you know, that “I can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning” feeling that most of us had when we were kids. That desire has never left you, despite the challenges you seem to face in your life, today. We all get caught up in the stress and complications of daily living, but deep inside each of us is that child who still knows how to live authentically and wants to play full-out, every moment of every day. I promise you that, no matter what your circumstances are at this particular moment, YOU can have that kind of enthusiasm and excitement back in your life again! And, no, I don’t have a magic wand or a secret formula… all I have is exactly what you  already have: the ability to see things as they are, and a willingness to change. Please… stop making excuses for why you can’t have, be, or do, as you would like to, and begin to open your mind to the possibility that you not only CAN “have it all”, but furthermore, it needn’t be a painful struggle. YOU get to decide what you want, and YOU get to fulfill your new dreams and YOU get to create a life that empowers, enlivens and fulfills YOU, starting right NOW!!

That all sounds great, but HOW?

The Dream

Are you starting to dream, even just a little bit? Do you at least wonder if this is possible? Do you feel a little excited? Wherever you are with all this, please stop a moment and take that first step… hell, it doesn’t cost you anything except letting go of some old, limiting beliefs. Just stop believing in the story you’ve been telling yourself and open up to this new possibility. You can always  return to your old beliefs if you feel this isn’t working for you.. they will still be there if you decide to go back. So, what do you have to lose? What will it cost you to “try it on”?? To me, even a minimal improvement is worth the tiny investment that is being asked.

The Bottom Line:

Okay, so what exactly am I asking you to do? As I said earlier, start a journal or notebook dedicated to this experiment. Name it something that reflects what you’d like to accomplish. Maybe: “My New Life”, “I Can Do it”, “The Journey to My Dreams”… whatever feels right for you. You can also create a text file using any word processor. Start taking a little time each day, preferably in the morning, and begin to describe, in as much detail as possible, who and what you are at this moment. Write about as many aspects of your life as you feel comfortable with and only go as long as it feels good. Some of this might be a little confronting, so I’m not saying it will all be fun, but if you can stay with it through these periods, the rewards will far outweigh the efforts. As always, you can visit my blog, Frankly Speaking, where you can comment and share your thoughts, insights and questions. Or, if you’d really like to accelerate the process, you can always visit my website, Beyond Belief Coaching, and schedule a free sample coaching session. My next weekly installment will assist you in fleshing this out and taking the next step toward creating the future of your dreams. NAMASTE!!


Newsletter Intro

Welcome to my first newsletter!

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time pondering what I should (and shouldn’t) include in my first newsletter. There are just so many interesting subjects I would love to explore with you that it seems almost impossible to focus on just one. So, I’ve decided to start out by chatting a bit about my intentions.

A few thoughts…

Over the years, I’ve read numerous blogs and received more than my share of newsletters and, although I initially find them to be quite interesting, I’m always left a bit disappointed in the actual impact they have on my day-to-day life. I mean, how many times can someone promise to disclose the “secret to life” without actually offering anything that elicits any real shift in your reality? Please don’t misunderstand me… I fully respect these authors and do not doubt the sincerity of their intentions or the benefits some readers obtain by applying their suggestions. However, from my own observations, the best way to accomplish change and to experience lasting results is to immerse oneself in the conversation and to actually participate in a journey of self-discovery.

My Intentions

So, my intention is to share my experiences and observations, and to ask questions that will open the reader’s mind to new, unexplored frontiers, which will create, hopefully, fresh insights into what is possible and achievable for them. These newsletters are meant to initiate a conversation that will empower you to find your own truths through introspection and honest self-evaluation. Although I may at times quote other authors or make assertions about what has worked for me, it is only done to draw on those experiences and to point out the benefits others or myself derived from them. It is never meant to be a claim to “knowing” anything you don’t have access to as well. Ultimately, you’ll have to decide what works for you… keep what you like and discard the rest!

In Conclusion

If you’ve read this far, you’ve taken the first step in helping me to fulfill my dream: to create a way to assist others in discovering their innate wisdom and true power. I’m not sure where this journey will take us, but I can promise you that I’ll do my best to make it informative, inspiring, empowering, and, most of all, FUN!

I’ll be using my blog here at Frankly Speaking , to post my newsletters and then copy them here to my website, Beyond Belief Coaching, so that you can find them at either place and have the ability to comment on them (if you feel so inspired) at this blog site. Just as an aside, here at my blog you can find all my old posts that I’ve accumulated over the years… there is a variety of musings, thoughts and personal opinions scattered around.. who knows what you may find!!

Thank you from the deepest part of my heart… and I wish you the very best on your journey! NAMASTE!!

Open for Business!!

Hi, Everyone…

Just wanted to announce the grand opening of my new website… Beyond Belief Coaching!!

For anyone that’s been following my progress here (look through some of my older posts if you’re not up to speed, yet), you all know that this has been a very busy and challenging year. I just finished all my course work for my QSCA training, and I’ll have the certification process finalized in the next week. I wanted to get my website up and running ASAP and it’s finally at the “tell me what you think” stage… so, please visit and look around and let me know what you think… all feedback, comments, and suggestions are welcome!!

I know it looks a little sparse right now, but that will improve over time… I just had to get it rolling, so please bear with me. And, if you feel so moved, go ahead a schedule a free session… you won’t be disappointed!!

I plan on using this blog site to write and display my newsletters so that visitors have a way to comment and discuss the latest topics. I’ll be covering many spiritual and “new age” subjects, but the main emphasis will always be to seek the TRUTH, regardless of what that may look like. I sincerely hope you will join me on this journey!!


Quantum Life Coaching (Part 5)

As usual, I have to start this post with an apology for not being more consistent with my blog updates, but between summer vacation and my course work, there has been little time to share my latest insights. I’m now 9 months (about three quarters) of the way through this course, and as I head into the home stretch, I feel this is a good time to summarize what I’ve learned and how it has impacted my life.


I know this is not a new concept, but I feel it’s worth mentioning, here. The past is gone… it already happened and it only exists as a memory in your mind. It cannot affect your present moment unless you choose to give it life by focusing your attention on it. While it may be helpful at times to reminisce, or to recall an unsatisfactory experience (so as to avoid repeating it), spending your time regurgitating the past has very little upside. And, considering how inaccurate our perceptions are and how they can become distorted over time, it is questionable how “true” these memories actually are. In fact, you can do processes that can reframe and transform the past into something that is totally different than whatever it was you thought happened at the time of the original experience.  The future doesn’t yet exist, and although you can create a compelling future that can assist you in generating a more joyful present, you can only actually experience it in the now moment. Some of you may feel that “living in the now” sounds pretty boring and “flat”, but I can assure you that it is extremely satisfying and transformative. Which brings me to my next point:


Stop for a second and contemplate this question. What is the content of your internal conversation? Is it random thoughts that just seem to appear on the screen of your mind, or are you actually engaged in a conversation that you initiated on purpose? Do you spend most of your day listening to thoughts that seem to appear out of nowhere, or are you able to deliberately choose what you want to focus on? I once heard a metaphor that went something like this: You are the captain of your ship… you have a crew that does all the work, but you must decide what each person is assigned to do. If you don’t take conscious command of the ship, the crew will do it’s best to keep things running, but the results may not be optimal. Who’s steering your ship? Let that sink in a bit, as we move on to my next premise:


It has been my experience that when I repeat a thought often enough, it becomes a belief… and beliefs, at the very least, color all my experiences, and, as I’ve come to see, can actually create all that happens in my life. The beliefs I have at any moment are the result of some sort of thought that I internalized and repeated, over and over, until it became so true for me that I can’t remember a time it wasn’t an integral part of “who I am”. Certainly, there are some beliefs that I can easily recognize as something I learned, but there are many more that run my life and yet are below my conscious awareness… they are my unconscious beliefs that have become transparent to me. When I live my life from these deep-rooted, unconscious beliefs, I become a walking jukebox… push the right combination of buttons, and I’ll play your tune. This is a reactionary way to live and it is disempowering and sterile… and, it eventually lead us to:


We all have “stories” about how life “is”… they are an accumulation of past experiences, thoughts, beliefs, values, etc. Most of these “stories” originated with our parents, teachers and guardians when we were very young, and have become our world view. They run our lives and we seldom question them. If a friend asks you how things are going, you usually reply with the latest version of your “story”, repeating the same old song, in an effort to rationalize why “shit happens”, “life is hard and then you die”, “I had a run of bad luck”, “there are no decent mates around”, etc.. Of course, we get a lot of agreement form our friends, who share many of the same beliefs. And, not surprisingly, our lives seem to keep repeating those same old patterns! When I fully understood the impact this had on the quality of my life, I made a firm commitment to do something about it…  so, I decided to:


Sounds simple enough, right? Change your internal conversation, and after awhile this becomes your new belief system, and your life is transformed. Well, although the process is fairly straight-forward, it does take a lot of vigilance and some effort… you will need to monitor your thoughts moment-to-moment, notice how they feel and choose something that feels better. This is the key to the Law of Attraction, and it’s sister, the Law of Deliberate Creation. Each of us has a built in Emotional GPS that warns off when we are off-track. If it feels bad, you are out of alignment with your highest good… if it feels good, you are in the flow, and life becomes a  series of empowering and fulfilling experiences. So, it goes like this: what am I feeling? Does it feel good? If not, what thought would feel better? Admittedly, this is an art and it takes consistent practice and the application of certain processes to create any meaningful change. Fortunately for you, this can be taught, and, in case you were wondering, the course I’m taking has furnished me with the tools and techniques that anyone can learn to implement. If you are curious, or want to experience a free introductory session, please contact me. (see widget at top right)