Welcome to my first newsletter!

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time pondering what I should (and shouldn’t) include in my first newsletter. There are just so many interesting subjects I would love to explore with you that it seems almost impossible for me to be able to focus on just one. So, I’ve decided to start out by chatting a bit about what my intentions are for this newsletter.

A few thoughts…

Over the years, I’ve read many blogs and received tons of newsletter. Although I usually find them at least interesting, I’m always left a little disappointed in the actual impact on my day-to-day life that these writings affect. I mean, how many times can someone promise to disclose the “secret to life” without actually offering anything that elicits any real shift in your reality? Please don’t misunderstand me… I fully respect these authors and I’m sure they think they’re being very helpful, and there are probably many who get some benefit from reading and applying their suggestions. And, I’m not saying that I know more than them or that I’m an expert on this subject. However, from my own observations, the best way to accomplish change and to experience lasting results is to immerse oneself in the conversation and to actually participate in a journey of self-discovery..

My Intentions

So, my intention is to share my experiences and observations, and to ask questions that will open the reader’s mind to new, unexplored frontiers that create, hopefully, fresh insights into what is possible for you. These newsletters are meant to initiate a conversation that will empower you to find your own truth through introspection and an honest self-evaluation. Although I may at times quote other authors or make assertions about what is true for me, it is only done to point to something that someone else has found useful… it is not meant to be any sort of claim to “knowing” anything you don’t have access to. Ultimately, you’ll have to decide what works for you… keep what you like and throw the rest away!

In Conclusion

If you’ve read this far, you’ve taken the first step in helping me to fulfill my dream: to create a way to assist others in discovering their innate wisdom and true power. I’m not sure where this journey will take us, but I can promise you that I’ll do my best to make it informative, inspiring, empowering, and, most of all, FUN!

I’ll be using my blog, Frankly Speaking , to post my newsletters and then copy them here to my website, Beyond Belief Coaching, so that you can find them at either place and you’ll be able to comment on them (if you feel so inspired) at the blog site. Just as an aside, you can go to my blog and find many of my old posts that I’ve accumulated over the years… there is a variety of musings, thoughts and personal opinions scattered around.. who knows what you may find!!

Thank you from the deepest part of my heart… and I wish you the very best on your journey! NAMASTE!!

2 thoughts on “Newsletter

  1. Thank you for being so YOU! I love that you let me see how authentic you are being in giving of yourself. I, too, believe life is a journey of self-discovery. In others knowing of ‘the secret of life’ it is simply from their own understanding and perspective. I have felt this way many times only to discover there is more, more, more. It is never ending. I look forward to reading more.

    • Thanks, Dawn, for visiting and participating… we are all on a journey, together, and as each of discovers out TRUTH, we open the door to remembering who we really are…

      Be well and Prosper!!

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