Newsletter 5: What “self” are you talking about?

Have you ever stopped to ask: What is this “self’ I’m talking about?

When I started writing these newsletters, my original intention was to explore how one might take a journey of self-discovery that would ultimately lead to reaching a goal or desire. For this instalment, I’ve chosen the subject of “self”… you know, that “thing” we all refer to as “me”, the part of you that you’ve come to identify as the person who is reading this and, hopefully, taking some time to think about what it all means.
For purposes of this discussion (and as a reflection of my view on this topic), I’m going to use three variations: self, Self, and SELF. Obviously, each of these connotations carries a different definition, and therefore, different characteristics,functions,and abilities. Understanding these differences will allow you to better navigate through this journey, and will assist you in enjoying it much more.

SELF: The Big Guy in the Sky!

I thought it would be best to start at the beginning (or, what some might call “The End”): THE SELF. For purposes of this discussion, I’m going to call this GOD… you can use whatever feels right to you: All-That-Is, Source Energy, Allah, Alpha/Omega, IT, Big Guy in the Sky, The One Mind, etc. In reality, any name (or concept/definition you could ever come up with) will never be accurate… you cannot use a three-dimensional brain to understand a multi-dimensional Being! Anyway, I will simply define this SELF as the ONE that encompasses (and is the SOURCE of) All that IS… IT always was, and always will be, and there is no place or time IT is not… IT is your true Home, and, as such, is the “place” you are always trying to get back to. The good news is: you never left! How could you be separate from something that always was, everywhere?

Who, me?

At this point, I feel it would be best to look at “self”. In one of my first newsletters in this series, I asked you to define who you are and where you are now. If you did that exercise properly, you probably have a long list of “evidence” that proves you are a body having some kind of physical experience. I have a big surprise for you: as “real” as all that may seem to be, it isn’t “who you are”… your body is simply a vehicle for your human experience, very similar in function to a car or boat. At birth, you didn’t know you had a body, and you didn’t even know you were a separate individual from all other bodies… babies do not differentiate themselves from others… they think of themselves as an integral part of the world around them. I’m not going to go into the scientific proof of this “theory”, but I will say that most researchers agree that all babies go through a traumatic event called “separation shock”, at some early point in their lives, when they realize that they are separate from their mother. This moment is the birth of the “self”, and starts the life-long journey of trying to survive and protect the entity we’ve come to define as “me”.

The journey to Self

From this moment on, there is a part of us that is continually assessing every detail from our environment, measuring and judging every person, place and thing we come into contact with. That part is filtering all this data by asking one question: is this safe or not? Will it help me to survive or will it hurt me in some way? From this, we create our “world view”, which not only defines our outer world, but also becomes the basis of “who I am”. It forms the basis of the “story” we tell ourselves, and eventually, it solidifies into “our truth”. I go into much more detail about this aspect of our “self” in some of my other newsletters, but I’ll say here that this “self-concept” is almost always inaccurate, limiting and restrictive… and, is the source of why we can’t seem to manifest so many of our goals and desires.
The good news is that we are so much more than we ever thought… and, luckily, no matter how much we believe the “story” of this little “self”, our Real Self “knows” the “Truth”. This “Self” is that part of the SELF that each of us retains, and that is always tying to assist us in becoming aware of ItSelf. How does IT communicate to that part of ourselves that is so absorbed and distracted by the “world we think we live in”? Simple… it uses feelings and emotions to let us know whether we are in or out of alignment with our Highest Self… if we feel “bad”, we are vibrating at a level that is out of synch with our Highest Self… when we feel “good”, we are a vibrational match with that Self, and life becomes a constant flow of Joy, Peace, Love, Light, and Abundance… AAAAHHHHHHH!!

Are we “there” yet?

Ok, so how do you get “there”? Well, since you’ve always been “there” (you actually never left), all you need to “do” is to “undo” who you thought you were! Yep… it’s that simple… stop denying and resisting where you think you are NOW, accept that is how it is for you at this time, and be willing to let go of that old, limiting story you’ve been telling yourself for so many years. There are many ways to accomplish this, and I’ve spent most of my life trying to figure out how to “get it done”. Further down the page, there will be more information about that, but for now I want to thank you for taking the time to read my little offering and I wish, with all my heart, that you find the path that brings you ALL that you desire and richly deserve… NAMASTE!!


It has been almost 2 months since my obviously non-fatal heart attack, and I just want to report that I’m doing great… in fact, I’m feeling better than ever! I’ve done a tremendous amount of research into heart-health and the possibility of reversing some of the plaque build up (my cardiologist told me that although they “fixed” the right side, my left side has “some blockage”, which they will monitor and “maybe operate” = bypass surgery ). His plan of action is to put me on meds and hope that they can “slow down” the progress of the “disease”… when I told him I wanted to use “natural methods” (diet and exercise, power of the mind, etc.) to reverse the damage and heal the arteries, he said it would be impossible!! I will NOT be deterred… I KNOW this can be done, and I’m on a mission!!

Anyway, I would like to pass on to ALL of you some of my findings in hopes that you may get some benefit in your life. One of the main beliefs I have is that the mind CAN control almost every aspect of my life, including the health of my body. However, this heart attack has proven to me that there are certain limitations to that premise, and that I need to be aware of what those limitations are. For the sake of brevity, I’ll just say that I felt my health was pretty good since I BELIEVED I was healthy… obviously, the truth was something quite different, and I received a wake-up call before it was too late. Fortunately for me, there seems to be almost no permanent damage and I’m making very sure that my lifestyle now optimizes my chances for a much healthier (and happier) future.
I’m now enrolled in (and am participating fully in) a cardiac rehab exercise program, which will be a permanent part of my life from this point forward. I’ve also made a major adjustment to my diet, and this (to me) is the most significant life-enhancing change I’ve made (and the one I hope you’ll seriously consider)… it is based on the best-selling book, “Eat To Live”, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. I won’t go into the details here, but I will say that it has contributed immensely to a huge improvement in EVERY area of my life… I’m losing weight (easily), I have tons of energy and I feel 30 yrs. younger…. life is definitely a lot more fun when you’re healthy!!

Teleconference Update
In case you didn’t already know (or, maybe you just forgot), Greg Kuhn (award-winning author of the “Why Quantum Physicists…” series of books)and I are still hosting a one-hour teleconference every Thursday evening at 8 PM. You can join us by calling this number (1-443-453-0034), and punching in this access number (226919). We are starting a new format tonight… we both feel that this is meant to be a “participatory show”, and we want EVERYONE to join in and contribute to the healing energy we are generating. So, Greg and I will do a short talk (20-30 min.)on a certain subject and then open the floor to anyone who has a question, comment or any kind of feedback. Since the call will be muted (to cut down on background noise), you will need to “raise your hand” (press 5* on your phone) if you want to say something, and I’ll unmute you. I hope to see you there… #BeOne

ECAP Tip Of The Week:
One of the common setbacks that some of my clients seem to be running into, as they start to work with the higher “positive” emotions of the chart, is a tendency to feel “negative” emotions at that level. The expectation is that, by this point in the process, they “should” have left all the “negative stuff” behind, and just enjoy all the beautiful, positive energy. However, what we’re finding is that sometimes, there are old, limiting, unconscious beliefs that are sabotaging the process. In other words, there can be some negativity associated with the accomplishment of the goal/desire. For example, if you are working on having more time to enjoy your life, and if you’ve had a traumatic or negative experience, in the past when you did have more time, then you might be subconsciously avoiding actually reaching your goal/desire because you fear that it could be painful or you’ll be hurt in some way.
The best way to handle that situation is to keep working the process… sit down and spend some time journaling about what your story is about what might happen if you were successful in fully manifesting your desire/goal… this will help you to become aware of the unconscious beliefs/stories that may be limiting your progress and sabotaging your best efforts. Then, write a new, better feeling story that helps you to let go of the old one and creates the space for you to continue up the chart. As usual, you can always contact me for further help with this.

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Think About This: “I am the Awareness of That which is being, having and doing.”