Doggiesitting Part 2

It’s funny how something so cute can quickly become so annoying… I commented earlier that this dog had the “cute” habit of coming up to you with a dolly in its mouth and whining (this translates to “please pet me”). Well, after a few days of this (and the added annoyance of sitting outside the bedroom door and begging at 7AM) I’m about fed up with the “cute” thing and I’m ready to strangle that poor dog!

For the first few days after she was dropped off here (her owners went on a 10 day cruise) I was seriously contemplating getting a puppy for ourselves… but this experience has led me to question the sanity of that possibility. As I’ve gotten older. I’ve become more set in my ways and find it more intrusive to have anything interfer with m schedule… I’d like to think of myself as being very flexible, but, in reality,  I see I am very set in my  ways.

This is not to say that there is no possibility of having a pet… just that I need to examine the real consequences closer… And, the other consideration is my wife, who has an even less tolerance for unforeseen changes in schedule than I do. One thing I hate seeing is when people get pets and start abusing them, either through neglect or outright physical abuse, because they resent the animals presence. I’d rather avoid all that by thoroughly considering all options and consequences before making the decision.

to be continued…..