Newsletter 17: What Up?!

Newsletter 17 What up!

Just sending all of you an update as to what is going on right now for me, and how that will impact each of our lives. Due to a number of synchronistic events, I feel that this is a good time to contemplate where I’m going from here. I’ve really enjoyed my coaching experience, and, although I may still continue with it in the future, I’m considering some other options that might be even more exciting and personally rewarding.

As of May 25th, my coaching website will be put “on hold” for 3 months, which means it will not be accessible to anyone (including me), so if there is anything you want to do on the site (eg. explore or download some of the info available) please do it ASAP. Starting on May 15th, I will be on vacation in Germany for the next 3 months, and although I will not be taking new clients during that time, I will continue to work with my present clients through Skype and email. FYI, that address is still and is not affected by the “suspension”.

I want to send each of you a sincere “thank you” for your contribution to the quality and evolution of my life, and I wish you all the Love, Light, Joy, Prosperity and Peace that you so richly deserve. Whatever may come out of all this, I have nothing but warm and loving memories of all our interactions, and my intention is that my next life adventure will be a blessing to all our lives.

===== This, That and The Other Thing ====

ECAP Tip of the Month: One thing that has become very obvious to me, as I’ve explored the far reaches of this reality, is that each of us is living in a separate, though interconnected,
“universe”. We each have a unique and very individual perspective on who we are and how we fit into the world, and although there are countless ways for each of us to “get where we are going”, there is really only ONE place to get to! And, best of all, our success in getting “there” (here, now) is guaranteed!!
Oh, sure, we can make choices that seem to delay the inevitable “arrival”, but there is no way to NOT get there.

So, don’t worry… be happy! Enjoy the journey, and be sure to smell the roses along the way… or not!!

Contact Info: If you want to contact me, subscribe to my newsletter, or view an archive of past newsletters, and audio files of past teleconferences , you can visit my website at: If you would like to read or comment on this, or past newsletters, or if you want to peruse my other brilliant offerings, you can visit my blog at Frankly Speaking. Don’t forget that this will only be available until May 25th!

Quote of the Week: “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”




Newsletter 16: Happy New Year… Already??!!

Newsletter 16: Happy New Year… Already??!!

Well, here it is, the very last day of 2015, and I’m finally going to get this veryImage result for Happy New YOUR Year Imageoverdue newsletter out. It is totally unbelievable to me how my experience of time has changed so much in the last few years… it seems just like yesterday that I was facing this same quandary last year when I was preparing my last newsletter of 2014! And, not only that, but it has been almost 6 months since my last “monthly” newsletter!!

So, Where Have I Been?

I’m not going to apologize for this unintended delay, but I will offer my best explanation. It seems that there are two main reasons for this lapse… the first is that it has nothing to do with the usual “writer’s block” that so many of us run into
when we try to compose this kind of newsletter… actually, it is just the opposite: I have too much information to choose from! And, to make things even more challenging, the “information” that I have available to write from, keeps changing and mutating as my “understanding of reality” keeps expanding.

For example, as most of you know, I have been using Greg Kuhn’s material (based on his books about quantum physics, and the effect it has on our “reality”, and often referred to as the game of “Grow a Greater You”) as the basis of my coaching “philosophy”. Of course, there are many other “tools” in my coaching toolbox (go here for more info), but this has been the “core” of how I coach my clients, most of whom have come to me by way of their interest in taking Greg’s material to the next level. However, during the course of the time that the client and I work together, we inevitably begin to wonder into different elements of “personal growth” that are way outside (beyond?) the intent and expectations inherent in that process. As I explore these “new frontiers”, the “problems” keep morphing and changing in ways that cause me to have to find new and different techniques to move past these “blocks”… it is all continually evolving! Which brings me to reason number two:

Who Knows What’s Best for You?

The second reason for the “gap” between newsletters is that I have been hesitant to move into this “new area” of the coaching relationship, even though I see it as the natural next step in the process. Since almost all my clients come to me via their interest in Greg’s material (and his implied “steps to success”), I find it rather incongruent and out of integrity to take them into areas that are obviously NOT in alignment with that “philosophy”. In other words, would it be fair and ethical to introduce my clients to this “expanded process” when they have not explicitly asked for it?

Sure, I can rationalize it by saying “it’s for their own good” (as if I knew what thatImage result for Why quantum physicistshould or could look like!) but in truth, they are the ones who need to make the request for assistance in that area, or to at least have the ability to make a conscious, informed choice about it. And there is the crux of the problem: how can they make a conscious, informed decision on what they “need” and “want” if they aren’t able to “see” the choices because of where they presently are? If, for example, you (as a mature adult) saw a child playing with a sharp knife or a pair of scissors, you would (justifiably?) remove the “perceived danger” and replace it with a suitable, safer and “more fun” toy (much to the dismay of the child!). Does this same rational carry over to a client/coach relationship? Do I have the right (or maybe even the responsibility) to make that decision for the the client?

Making Mountains from Imagined Mole Hills?

Maybe I’m making too much out of all this, but from my perspective, it seems worthy of more than a casual thought. And, obviously, depending on which way IImage result for thank you quantum physicistresolve the issue, I am also choosing the direction that my coaching practice will be going in the future. At this point, I’m simply playing it be ear, regardless of the client’s original intention for having started in this process, and I’m informing each client about their new choices as they evolve though the process. Sometime in the near future, within the next month or so, I will making a more firm decision on what direction I will moving, and I will do my best to keep you informed. If you are a former client, or a new or perspective client who wants to explore what this all may mean for you, please contact me here on my blog, or by signing up for a free intro session , or by email (see contact info below).


In closing, I’d like to say a big “Thank You” to all my clients, and especially to Greg Kuhn, for having been in my life this past year… knowing, and interacting, withImage result for thank you quantum physicist
a each of you has enriched my life “Beyond Belief”, and there simply are no words that can express the appreciation and gratitude that I hold in my heart for the contribution each of you has made in my life… many Blessings, and much Light and Love to you all in the coming New Year!!


As you can see by now, I even blew my “end of year” deadline by a week, but I felt I had to get this one out to you. The reason for this delay is that, after I wrote the first part of this newsletter, I started having many more insights into even newer (and better?) directions to go in with my coaching business… where does it end? Or, maybe it never ends 😉

===== This, That and The Other Thing ====

ECAP Tip of the Month: One of the biggest pitfalls that I’ve found in this process is to keep looking at the “external evidence” for “proof” that you are making progress toward your goal. I know it may seem counter-intuitive, and maybe even counter-productive, to follow this “rule”, but it is very important to overcome the “habit” of measuring your internal “wellness” by what seems to be happening outside of you. You cannot allow yourself to be dissuaded by the “stories” that come up as an ego-response to temporary (and false) perceptions of “failure”. Stay focused on the end result, and the feelings you will experience when you “get there” , as if you already have it, now… that is what will bring you the results you want (and deserve) in the shortest time possible!!

Contact Info: If you want to contact me, set up a free and confidential intro session, subscribe to my newsletter, or view an archive of past newsletters, and audio files of past teleconferences , you can visit my website at: If you would like to read or comment on this, or past newsletters, or if you want to peruse my other brilliant offerings, you can visit my blog here at Frankly Speaking.

Miscellaneous: I’m not a big proponent of all the hoopla that seems to be so prevalent around all the holidays, but I do like to use the “spirit” of this holy season to remind myself and others that we all have so much to be thankful for. I know that there is still much unneeded suffering and despair in many parts of the world, and that at times it can seem to be a hopeless situation, but I still feel that there is an “answer”, and that it all begins right here, right now, with each of us making a commitment to experience peace and joy in our own internal world. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world!!

Quote of the Week: This New Year’s Eve you can lay the groundwork for continued growth without making any resolutions except one—to let go of the past, connect with yourself, to Wake Up, and be Present.The Enneagram Institute


Newsletter 11: Appreciation and Gratitude

Appreciation and Gratitude

Each year, with the approach of the Holiday Season, I’m always delightfully surprised by the way most peoplebegin to treat each other so much better… and, as far back as I can remember, I’ve always wondered why it can’t be that way all the time. I mean, why does it seem that we need a certain date to start being and acting in a more loving and kind way to each other? What prevents us from celebrating each moment, of each day, in a way that enlivens and enriches our lives? Why do we need an ‘excuse’ to allow ourselves to feel this way throughout the year?

Are You Stuck in the Grind?

It’s not too difficult to see that most of us are so caught up with the ‘responsibilities’ and challenges of daily living that we seldom seem to have the time to pause a moment to consider how we would like our lives to really be. We rush around, from one ‘urgent’ task to another, fully immersed in the day to day activities that seem to consume all our energy and attention. We are over-stressed, over-worked, and under-fulfilled… we barely have the energy, or desire, to do anything more than to ‘survive’. At the end of the day, we slump on the couch, mindlessly watching television. and wonder if this is all there is to life? Can this be all there is?

Maybe There is Another Way

Let’s stop a moment to consider some alternatives. But first, you will need to acknowledge and accept where you are now… How much time do you spend each day to allow yourself to be present to what is going on in and around you, to notice the little things that bring you joy and happiness? Do you purposely bring your attention to what makes you feel better, or have you fallen into the routine of only finding ‘what’s wrong’? Do you have a persistent gnawing feeling that even when things are going well, it won’t last, and there is some kind of impending doom just around the corner? What is your underlying expectation of what life will bring you?

Choosing to Feel Better

If, after taking an honest look at your present situation, you feel somewhat depressed or hopeless about your ability to have it be any different, please rest assured that it doesn’t need to be this way, and that there are easy, simple steps you can take to create a more empowering and fulfilling life. The one habit that I’ll be exploring here is the practice of appreciation and gratitude, but I assure you there are many other ways to hop off that treadmill you may presently seem to be on.

Yes, You Can Choose It!

So, the next step is to make the commitment that you DO want to experience something more fun andfulfilling… and that you are willing to do something that will improve your ‘happiness quotient’. Then, just set an intention that you will begin to notice each little instance in your surroundings that reflects something ‘positive’ and life-affirming. Start with little things like appreciating that you are alive and well, and that you are breathing and that your body is carrying on countless functions with little or no conscious effort… that, regardless of your situation, you are still here, and capable of making small changes that could affect you, and the lives of those you love, in so many ways. Notice that when you move to pick something up, all you did is make a decision on what you wanted to do, and your body magically responded to your tiny command, and accomplished the task without you having to control each of the millions of micro-movements needed to reach your goal. We are all surrounded with countless similar examples, and I’m sure that if you take the time and this small effort to explore all the possibilities, you can come up with an endless list.

Express Your Thankfulness

As you begin to notice and discover all these new ‘wonders’, take a moment to express your gratitude for the many ‘gifts’ that the Universe has always been sending you. Feel it as deeply as you can, and allow yourself to bask in the glow of the ever-present Joy, Love, Light, Peace and Abundance that is your birthright. Know that this is taking you one step closer to living the the life you’ve always dreamt possible, but were too distracted to notice in the past. Let the momentum build as you continue to find even more to appreciate and give gratitude for. Live in the expectation that there will always be more of what you want… dare to dream big… choose to behappy, and let it all unfold in a natural and effortless way.

To the degree that you are willing to apply this simple ‘tool’ in your ongoing daily life, you will be moving closer to taking back your True Power as the Creator of Your Reality… there is no ‘other’ person or thing that can do this for you… it is always YOUR choice!

Thank you for allowing me to ‘show up’ as being of service to you on your journey to wholeness, and the return to sanity… I have no words for the gratitude I have for your part in my life. I love you… NAMASTE!

===== This, That and The Other Thing ====

Teleseminars/Archives info: Up until September 4, 2014 (GGY 29) Greg and I were hosting a one hour, totally free teleseminar every Thursday evening at 8 PM EST. We had decided to temporarily discontinue them as we explore other possibilities in the future. We’ve now decided to host at least one more show on Thursday, December 11th @ 8PM. You can join us by simply calling into this number (1-857-232-0476) and dialing this number (226919) when asked for your access code. I promise it will be fun and informative… see you there!!

You can find the archives of all the past teleseminars on my website, here. Greg also has a link to these archives on his blog site, plus a ton of other info, including a schedule of his upcoming live events and a list of his great books.

ECAP Tip of the Month: One of the best ways to add a extra ‘juice’ to the exercise I described above, is to keep an appreciation/gratitude journal. Each day, usually before bed, you can sit down and write about all those things you noticed throughout the day as you were willing to notice and mentally record the many ‘gifts’ and ‘signs’ you received. This simple practice will not only ‘lock in the learning’, but it will create a resource you can use to remind yourself of how great your life is when those ‘downturns’ occasionally pop up.

Contact Info: If you want to contact me, set up a free intro session, subscribe to my newsletter, or view an archive of past newsletters, you can visit my website at: If you would like to read or comment on this, or past newsletters, or if you want to peruse my other brilliant offerings, you can visit my blog at Frankly Speaking.

Miscellaneous: One project I’m working on is to present a live video online workshop to explore and explain how to use the ECAP, and the material from Greg’s books, to get the results you are looking for. This will be a free webinar, and will be archived on YouTube as a resource for anyone who wants to know more about playing the game of “Grow A Greater You”… further details will be included in future editions of this newsletter and on Greg’s site.

Quote of the Week: By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Benjamin Franklin

As a side note, did you know that Benjamin Franklin wanted to make the turkey the national bird? Personally, I’m kinda glad that that never happened. 😉

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving, and a Joyous Holiday Season!

Doggiesitting Part 3

I awoke this morning feeling a little guilty about the way I treated the puppy yesterday. I didn’t really abuse her or anything like that, it’s just that I didn’t really play as much as I could have and I was a little annoyed with her. But, yeah, know, dogs are so forgiving… humans have a lot to learn from them. As I came out of the bedroom, there she was, her “dolly” in her mouth, whining up a storm and wagging her tail, just so happy to see me. I gave her a lot of loving and we spent some “quality time” together… yesterday was gone and all that she cared about was what was happening NOW!

Anything or anyone becomes your “teacher” if you are open to it!

Have a great thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Today has been designated as the time for Americans to celebrate Thanksgiving and although I’m not a big fan of all the “mindless, commercialized holidays” that we are endlessly and needlessly bombarded with, I think this an excellent time to reflect on the things I am grateful for in my life. One of my biggest “rules for living” is to be in a constant state of gratitude and acceptance… to be fully conscious each moment of the wonder and beauty of the world around me and to treat each person I meet with respect and love. Sure I fall short at times but that is my intent, and the more I practice it, the better I get.

I’d like to take a moment to reflect on all the people who have contributed so much to my life, especially those who have “passed over”; the list is endless and I know I’ll miss someone but I’ll do my best: my grandparents, my parents, my wives, my sons, my daughters-in-law, my grandsons, my aunts, uncles, nieces,  nephews and cousins; my brothers and sister; my many friends and acquaintances… to all those who have touched my life or will affect it in the future. (I was contemplating naming each person but that would have taken considerable time and space). A special thanks to the Source of All that Is, (whatever name That may have) and to all the big and little things that make up my world, especially this “body” which allows me to move around and experience all the beauty and wonder of it all. Thank you, thank you, thank you…

As I re-read this post, I can not help but notice how I’ve fallen short in expressing what I’m feeling and intending… words are just so inadequate and superficial. But, the intent is there and that’s all any of us can really do… and, my wish for you is that you each have a life filled to the brim with happiness, joy, abundance, peace and love, each and every second.

Now, I gotta go help prepare today’s “food orgy”… Many blessings to you all!