Newsletter 11: Appreciation and Gratitude

Appreciation and Gratitude

Each year, with the approach of the Holiday Season, I’m always delightfully surprised by the way most peoplebegin to treat each other so much better… and, as far back as I can remember, I’ve always wondered why it can’t be that way all the time. I mean, why does it seem that we need a certain date to start being and acting in a more loving and kind way to each other? What prevents us from celebrating each moment, of each day, in a way that enlivens and enriches our lives? Why do we need an ‘excuse’ to allow ourselves to feel this way throughout the year?

Are You Stuck in the Grind?

It’s not too difficult to see that most of us are so caught up with the ‘responsibilities’ and challenges of daily living that we seldom seem to have the time to pause a moment to consider how we would like our lives to really be. We rush around, from one ‘urgent’ task to another, fully immersed in the day to day activities that seem to consume all our energy and attention. We are over-stressed, over-worked, and under-fulfilled… we barely have the energy, or desire, to do anything more than to ‘survive’. At the end of the day, we slump on the couch, mindlessly watching television. and wonder if this is all there is to life? Can this be all there is?

Maybe There is Another Way

Let’s stop a moment to consider some alternatives. But first, you will need to acknowledge and accept where you are now… How much time do you spend each day to allow yourself to be present to what is going on in and around you, to notice the little things that bring you joy and happiness? Do you purposely bring your attention to what makes you feel better, or have you fallen into the routine of only finding ‘what’s wrong’? Do you have a persistent gnawing feeling that even when things are going well, it won’t last, and there is some kind of impending doom just around the corner? What is your underlying expectation of what life will bring you?

Choosing to Feel Better

If, after taking an honest look at your present situation, you feel somewhat depressed or hopeless about your ability to have it be any different, please rest assured that it doesn’t need to be this way, and that there are easy, simple steps you can take to create a more empowering and fulfilling life. The one habit that I’ll be exploring here is the practice of appreciation and gratitude, but I assure you there are many other ways to hop off that treadmill you may presently seem to be on.

Yes, You Can Choose It!

So, the next step is to make the commitment that you DO want to experience something more fun andfulfilling… and that you are willing to do something that will improve your ‘happiness quotient’. Then, just set an intention that you will begin to notice each little instance in your surroundings that reflects something ‘positive’ and life-affirming. Start with little things like appreciating that you are alive and well, and that you are breathing and that your body is carrying on countless functions with little or no conscious effort… that, regardless of your situation, you are still here, and capable of making small changes that could affect you, and the lives of those you love, in so many ways. Notice that when you move to pick something up, all you did is make a decision on what you wanted to do, and your body magically responded to your tiny command, and accomplished the task without you having to control each of the millions of micro-movements needed to reach your goal. We are all surrounded with countless similar examples, and I’m sure that if you take the time and this small effort to explore all the possibilities, you can come up with an endless list.

Express Your Thankfulness

As you begin to notice and discover all these new ‘wonders’, take a moment to express your gratitude for the many ‘gifts’ that the Universe has always been sending you. Feel it as deeply as you can, and allow yourself to bask in the glow of the ever-present Joy, Love, Light, Peace and Abundance that is your birthright. Know that this is taking you one step closer to living the the life you’ve always dreamt possible, but were too distracted to notice in the past. Let the momentum build as you continue to find even more to appreciate and give gratitude for. Live in the expectation that there will always be more of what you want… dare to dream big… choose to behappy, and let it all unfold in a natural and effortless way.

To the degree that you are willing to apply this simple ‘tool’ in your ongoing daily life, you will be moving closer to taking back your True Power as the Creator of Your Reality… there is no ‘other’ person or thing that can do this for you… it is always YOUR choice!

Thank you for allowing me to ‘show up’ as being of service to you on your journey to wholeness, and the return to sanity… I have no words for the gratitude I have for your part in my life. I love you… NAMASTE!

===== This, That and The Other Thing ====

Teleseminars/Archives info: Up until September 4, 2014 (GGY 29) Greg and I were hosting a one hour, totally free teleseminar every Thursday evening at 8 PM EST. We had decided to temporarily discontinue them as we explore other possibilities in the future. We’ve now decided to host at least one more show on Thursday, December 11th @ 8PM. You can join us by simply calling into this number (1-857-232-0476) and dialing this number (226919) when asked for your access code. I promise it will be fun and informative… see you there!!

You can find the archives of all the past teleseminars on my website, here. Greg also has a link to these archives on his blog site, plus a ton of other info, including a schedule of his upcoming live events and a list of his great books.

ECAP Tip of the Month: One of the best ways to add a extra ‘juice’ to the exercise I described above, is to keep an appreciation/gratitude journal. Each day, usually before bed, you can sit down and write about all those things you noticed throughout the day as you were willing to notice and mentally record the many ‘gifts’ and ‘signs’ you received. This simple practice will not only ‘lock in the learning’, but it will create a resource you can use to remind yourself of how great your life is when those ‘downturns’ occasionally pop up.

Contact Info: If you want to contact me, set up a free intro session, subscribe to my newsletter, or view an archive of past newsletters, you can visit my website at: If you would like to read or comment on this, or past newsletters, or if you want to peruse my other brilliant offerings, you can visit my blog at Frankly Speaking.

Miscellaneous: One project I’m working on is to present a live video online workshop to explore and explain how to use the ECAP, and the material from Greg’s books, to get the results you are looking for. This will be a free webinar, and will be archived on YouTube as a resource for anyone who wants to know more about playing the game of “Grow A Greater You”… further details will be included in future editions of this newsletter and on Greg’s site.

Quote of the Week: By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Benjamin Franklin

As a side note, did you know that Benjamin Franklin wanted to make the turkey the national bird? Personally, I’m kinda glad that that never happened. 😉

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving, and a Joyous Holiday Season!

Newsletter 10: Are You A Spiritual Zombie?

Are You a Spiritual Zombie?

I was recently chatting with my son about a “spiritual awakening” he seemed to be experiencing. During theconversation, he was describing what had been going on in his life for quite some time prior to this event. As he shared his emotional, psychological and physical conditions that had been so dominate beforehand, it struck me that he was describing something that sounded like a zombie, and I said “you were a spiritual zombie”!! His immediate response was “yes, that’s it, I was a zombie!”

Afterwords, as I was contemplating that conversation, it became obvious to me that many people exhibit at least some of these same “symptoms”, and I began to wonder how it could be “diagnosed”, and if it was possible to create a “cure”.

Signs and Symptoms

As I pondered these questions, a list of signs and symptoms of this “dis-ease” began to formulate in my mind…here are some questions you might ask yourself if you suspect that you’ve been “infected”:

  • Does life seem empty and meaningless to you?

  • Do you feel lonely, even when in a crowd?

  • Do you often feel overwhelmed by “negative emotions”?

  • Do you have a constant “gnawing feeling” in your gut that can’t be satisfied?

  • Do you spend a lot of your time and effort trying to find the “answer”?

  • Do you feel like life is out of your control and just “happening to you”?

  • Do you often feel anxious and fearful about the future?

  • Do you feel you’ve committed some unforgivable “sin” in the past?

  • Do you spend a lot of time vacillating between being a “victim” and a “victimizer”?

  • Do you feel you need to plan every detail of your life so as to avoid the next “disaster”?

  • Do you often feel “possessed”, as if someone or something else is controlling you?

  • Do you believe you are “unworthy” or “defective”?

  • Do you spend a lot of your time wishing you were someone else?

  • Do you have persistent addictions or other compulsive behaviors?

  • Do you have physical pains and ailments that seem to defy all “treatments”?

  • Do you sometimes feel like you are going crazy?

  • Have you accepted “littleness” because it’s easier to play “small” than it is to change?

Of course, this is not a complete list of the “symptoms”, but if you answered “yes” to at least one of these questions, you might want to consider the possibility that you’ve been “infected”. Fortunately, unlike a “real zombie”, there is a “cure”, and you are not doomed to spending the rest of your life in this condition.

OMG, I am a Zombie! Now what?

At this point, you may feel a deep desire to be rid of this “dis-ease”, or you might even feel more depressedbecause you can’t see a way out of this. The first step in freeing yourself from this “dis-ease” is to recognize and accept fully the fact that you “infected” yourself. I know it may seem that you somehow “caught it” from some pervasive, mysterious, and unavoidable “source”, but I can assure you that you are totally responsible for your current “condition”. Please do not read this as blame or an indictment of your “defectiveness”… as children, we were all “exposed” to this “dis-ease”, and because we were never “inoculated” against it, almost every one of us became a “host” to this insidious “virus”. Through no fault of our own, we all allowed it to “infect” us, and we’ve become so accustomed to living with the “symptoms” that we’ve forgotten how it would feel to be “well” and “normal”.

Where’s the Doctor?

We’ve all grown up with the belief that in order to be “cured” of any “ailment”, all we need to do is “take a pill”, and we will be magically healed of any “dis-ease”. I think it is quite apparent that no such “magical pill” , nor a “doctor” to “prescribe” it, exists for this “infection”. If you’ve taken the first step, as outlined above, then you’ve already initiated the healing process by taking back your power to choose, and the rest is quite simply an expansion on that theme. There are many resources available that can assist you in your return to sanity, and I would highly recommend that you find one that “resonates” with you and make the commitment to work it the best way you’re able to… this “dis-ease” has been with you most of your life, and it will take some time and effort to be rid of it. You’re ultimate healing is the best gift you could ever give yourself or the world. I hold a vision of you as already perfect, whole and healed, and my deepest wish is that you find the true happiness and fulfillment that you so richly deserve. NAMASTE!

===== This, That and The Other Thing ====

Teleseminars/Archives info: Up until September 4, 2014 (GGY 29) Greg and I were hosting a one hour, totally free teleseminar every Thursday evening at 8 PM EST. We’ve decided to temporarily discontinue them as we explore other possibilities in the future. We have thoroughly enjoyed these sessions, but feel we’ve covered just about all the important points and it’s time to move on… stay tuned for future developments.

You can find the archives of all the past teleseminars on my website, here. Greg also has a link to these archives on his blog site, plus a ton of other info, including a schedule of his upcoming live events and a list of his great books.

ECAP Tip of the Month: Take an action step each day that will bring you a little bit closer to your goal/desire. Try not to use your “brain” or logic for this action… just set an intention that you will take advantage of an opportunity that will present itself during the upcoming day. When you notice anything in your outer world that “feels” in alignment with your intention, go for it! Then, express your appreciation and gratitude for the “gift” that the Universe has sent you.

Contact Info: If you want to contact me, set up a free intro session, subscribe to my newsletter, or view an archive of past newsletters, you can visit my website at: If you would like to read or comment on this, or past newsletters, or if you want to peruse my other brilliant offerings, you can visit my blog at Frankly Speaking.

Miscellaneous: One project I’m working on is to present a live video online workshop to explore and explain how to use the ECAP, and the material from Greg’s books, to get the results you are looking for. This will be a free webinar, and will be archived on YouTube as a resource for anyone who wants to know more about playing the game of “Grow A Greater You”… further details will be included in future editions of this newsletter and on Greg’s site.

Quote of the Week: “When we are lost in personality, it is not surprising that we often feel powerless, confused, and unsafe because we are basing our identity on an artificial construct.” (Understanding the Enneagram, 364)

Newsletter 8: Our Stories Part 2

What’s Your Story ?

I have recently begun reading Greg Kuhn’s latest book “Why Quantum Physicists Play Grow a Greater You”, and I was inspired to further explore a subject I had initially addressed in Newsletter 3. I’ll go a little deeper here, and try to connect to one of the main themes of Greg’s book (expectations) and how they are the key to manifesting your deepest desires, and how you can change them to get what you what you really want and richly deserve.

First, a Bit of Clarity

I’m a stickler for clarity in language, and I want to be sure we are all on the same page when we discuss this subject. As Greg so eloquently points out in his book , the quantum field isn’t affected by our stories, emotions or beliefs, although they are a contributing factor. The real key to manipulating the quantum field, so that it will manifest your desires, is your largely unconscious expectations. (For a more detailed explanation of that assertion, you’ll have to read his book). Although I agree 100% with this premise, I use a slightly different terminology for it… I call it your personal truth. Your truth is the accumulation of all your stories, beliefs and emotions… some might call it your personality… you may define it as “that’s the way I am”. For the sake of brevity, I won’t go into how we each have formed this picture of who we are, here (again, this is fully explored and explained in some of my earlier newsletters), but I will say that it is the number one determining factor in what we will allow ourselves to receive from the Universe, and colors every aspect of our life experience.

What about Affirmations?

Most of us have heard of (and tried) the power of positive thinking and affirmations. I know of very few people who have actually gotten any meaningful, tangible results from either of these practices… ever wonder why? Pretty simple, really… your subconscious mind wouldn’t accept it… it remained “unmoved” by your new “story”. “But, why not?” you might ask…. Well, the subconscious doesn’t “hear” words… it is mostly an emotional-reactive device, and will follow your wishes quite willingly if you coax it along in small, incrementally better feeling steps.

So, What Will Work??

Considering how long it took you to build your present, unconscious truth/expectation about your worthiness to receive (don’t forget that this all started when you were a little child), you may think that it would be an insurmountable task to change or alter it, and you would be right if it weren’t for one thing: you have a built-in,growfool-proof guidance system that is perfectly designed to help you navigate through this quagmire. In the most simplest of terms, you pick any goal or desire that has seemed to be just out of reach, or has caused you much pain and suffering in the past, you write about how you truly feel about it, now, and begin to tell better feeling stories, that incrementally move you into a “higher” emotional state, until your stories and beliefs (and ultimately, your truth/expectation) are in alignment with your desire. In other words, all you need do is begin to play the game of “Grow a Greater You”!!

===== This, That and The Other Thing ====

Teleseminars/Archives info: Greg and I host a one hour, totally free teleseminar every Thursday evening at 8 PM EST. We welcome anyone who is interested in exploring how playing the game of “Grow a Greater You” might transform their life. The call-in number is 857 232-0476 and use Access Code 226919 – for a better description, you can visit Greg’s site here.

You can also find the archives on my website, here. Greg also has a link to these archives on his blog site, plus a ton of other info, including a schedule of his upcoming live events and a list of his great books.

ECAP Tip of the Month: This isn’t really a tip, but more of a suggestion… if you found this article interesting or if it invoked any curiosity on your part, as to how you can really and truly have the life of your dreams, please do yourself a huge favor and take advantage of some of the “free stuff” that Greg and I offer. Besides all the explanations, tips and hints that Greg has on his site, I offer a one-hour, no obligation, totally free introductory coaching session that could be just what you are looking for… hey, ya’ never know!

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Quote of the Week: “The Truth Will Set You Free”!!


Newsletter 7: The PIQIT Process

Introducing the PIQIT Process

As most of you already know, I’m always looking for ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the ECAP (Emotional Chart Atonement Process). This process forms the core of all my coaching relationships and is based on the popular book series of award-winning author Greg Kuhn, “Why Quantum Physicists…”. As a result of my research, personal experience and feedback from clients, I’m now able to officially announce the introduction of the PIQIT (Presence, Inquiry, Quantum Forgiveness, Integration, Truth) process as a tool to augment the already very powerful ECAP. And, not only does it accelerate your progress with moving up the chart, it also reduces the stress and “blocks” that many people face along the path. Let me explain a little about it:


The most powerful part of the ECAP is becoming aware of your emotional state, now, and the uncovering of the underlying unconscious stories/beliefs that keep them energized. This step is greatly enhanced when you incorporate Presence into your practice time. Being Present isn’t just an enhanced state of now awareness… it represents the very essence of What You Are. You are the Awareness that is conscious of your experience in this world. It is also the part of you that is connected to all other seemingly separate minds (in the One Mind) and, as such, is the Source of True Wisdom and Knowledge.

Presence wants you to be happy and free… and, IT knows that the only way that this can happen is for you to notice and release these old limiting stories/beliefs/emotions. IT will keep bringing this old stuff up, for you to process, for as long as it takes for you to return to the Awareness of Your True Self. This means that every upset/negative emotion that you experience at any moment throughout the day is simply a “gift” from Presence to assist you in returning to your natural state of Oneness with All-That-Is.

If you apply this technique on a consistent basis, you will gain the most real progress in the shortest time possible. This might not seem like a “fun” way to live life, and, admittedly, it will lead to some confronting and uncomfortable scenarios, but I assure you that it is the fastest and most effective way to find permanent True Happiness.

At the end of this article, I’ll give a short explanation of the Presence Breathing Technique that will help you to learn and implement this essential tool.


This step is pretty well covered in earlier posts and is included with my ECAP outline for my clients, but I’ll give a short explanation here. By bringing Presence into into your life, you will inevitably get in touch with all the accumulated (and previously unconscious) “stuff” that you’ve been mistakenly thinking was “you”. By questioning into the deeper meaning, and hidden agendas, of your “frozen past”, you’ll begin to free yourself of your attachment to these limiting, self-sabotaging, stories and beliefs, and this will automatically reintegrate all those “lost parts”.

One of the huge benefits of bringing Presence into this step is that you’ll find you don’t need to actually know all the details (story) of those past traumatic events… once you’ve allowed yourself to be fully Present to the trapped emotional energy, it will quickly and permanently dissolve and allow itself to be integrated.

Quantum Forgiveness

Sometimes, you may find some old traumatic emotion/energy patterns that are persistent or difficult to move past. This is where Quantum Forgiveness will be of great assistance. Unlike the commonly used forgiveness that most everyone adheres to (I know you did something wrong to me, but I’m going to be “big enough” to let you off the hook), Quantum Forgiveness hinges on your ability to understand that you are a spiritual being having a human experience, and that the part of you that is REAL is infinite and beyond any kind of harm from anything or anyone… it just can’t happen, regardless of what you thought was true in the past. You may have to be with that fact for a bit to let it sink in.

To apply Quantum Forgiveness, whenever you are upset, instead of trying to find a way to get rid the “feel bad” situation, start using the Presence Breathing Technique to focus on the story/belief/emotion (that you are experiencing NOW) with the intent that you receive any “gifts” it has to offer and that the emotional memory be healed and integrated. Allow yourself to be Present to it, and ask your Higher Power to assist you in forgiving yourself and ALL others who might be involved, so that you can let it go. Trust that this issue is totally resolved in the best and most ecological way possible for you, and that you will become aware of the results when you are ready to receive it.


Once the frozen emotional charge is released, that part of you that was “stuck in the past” can now be healed and integrated. When this happens, you will notice an increase in your personal energy and a feeling of wholeness that is impossible to put into words. Allow yourself to be fully present to the experience, and express your appreciation and gratitude for having finally freed yourself of that enormous burden. The really great part of this is that, not only is that part of you set free, but it now becomes an ally in your journey to wholeness… are you beginning to see how awesome this is?!


Okay, this is the payoff of doing all this “work”… once you shed all the baggage, you get to be the Authentic You that you’ve always been. Through Presence, you become intimately connected to Source Energy, and you now have full access to the Wisdom and Knowledge that will guide you through the rest of your life. You will be living at a vibrational level of Joy, Peace, Love and Abundance, and your world will reflect that back to you… all your needs will be effortlessly met, and everything that manifests will be for your Higher Good… and, best of all, you’ll be co-creating it ALL!!

This is The Truth that you are… you’ve been trapped in an illusion of limitedness and littleness, while all that time you’ve been this infinitely perfect Being. Sounds like a journey worth taking, to me… what do you think?

===== This, That and The Other Thing ====

Teleseminars: Greg Kuhn and I have decided to temporarily suspend the Thursday Night “Grow a Greater You” Teleseminars for the summer. We plan on resuming on July 17th. We will keep you posted of any new developments. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your participation in the past and I’m looking forward to seeing you all again in July. In case you missed any of the sessions, they are all archived on my website here.

Greg also has a link to these archives on his blog site, plus a ton of other info, including a schedule of his upcoming live events and a list of his great books.

ECAP Tip of the Month: This is called the Conscious Continuous Breathing Technique… it is designed to help you become more Present to your inner Self and your different emotional states in a way that is more powerful, yet much less stressful. It will also assist you in your ability to let go of the old stories and to integrate the aspects of your beliefs/personality that seem to be so persistent and painful.

This is be done twice a day, once in the early morning, and once in the evening before bed… for 15 minutes, sit comfortably with your eyes closed, and focus on consciously breathing in a continuous flow, while repeating this phrase: I am here now, in this. Start with the word “I” on your in-breath, then “am” on the out-breath, then “here” on the next in-breath, “now” as you exhale, then “in” as you inhale, and finish with “this” as you exhale, then repeat for the full 15 minutes, without any pauses between breaths. Keep your attention on what is going inside your body.

The secret to this exercise is to breath in a slow, relaxed continuous flow… allow yourself to find a natural rhythm to your breathing, and don’t allow pauses between each inhale/exhale cycle. If any thoughts or physical sensations arise, notice them and just let them go and return your focus to your breathing. You will probably experience a lot of resistance to doing this simple exercise… there are parts of you that will feel threatened by this process, but you need to do it consistently, despite any resistance you may encounter.

After each fifteen minute session, sit quietly for 3 minutes and just feel what is going on inside you in an objective and non-judgmental manner. To enhance and lock-in the experience, you can write a journal entry, reflecting on what you felt, heard and thought, or anything else that may have been significant for you during the exercise.

If, for any reason during the day, you are feeling any “stuff” coming up (in the form of any upset/negative emotion), just refocus on your breathing while having the intent to allow yourself to process the emotion and let it go… this will eventually remove the trapped energy in those unresolved emotional events from your past. And, you can combine it with the mantra/prayer you created in the morning session to really blow those old stories out of the water!

Be sure to use this exercise before each session. Take care of yourself during this process, and don’t try to change anything in your external world… just focus on improving your connection to your True Self… this will make a huge difference in your future interactions with the process. Get plenty of rest, take a walk, drink a lot of water, and do whatever it takes to relax and enjoy your present life situation…. your well-being is the most important thing right now.

Contact Info: If you want to contact me, set up a free intro session, subscribe to my newsletter, or view an archive of past newsletters, you can visit my website at:  And, of course, if you have any interest in Greg Kuhn’s work, you can visit this site… he also has a newsletter, and many other informative articles, plus all our old teleseminars are archived there as well.

Quote of the Week: “This process isn’t really about feeling better… it’s about learning to get better at feeling!” Michael Brown “The Presence Process”


Newsletter 6: How to Prepare Yourself to do the PROCESS

Newsletter 6: How to Prepare Yourself to do the PROCESS

This newsletter will be the beginning of a series that goes into more detail about each step of doing the Emotional Chart Atonement Process (ECAP). Today’s instalment will address the issue of how to prepare yourself for actually doing the process, and, hopefully, it will assist you in getting the most out of the time you invest in it. There are four basic “qualities of self” we’ll be covering here:

1 Cultivate Your Innate Curiosity

I believe that uncovering your “old story” (the source of that unconscious belief that supports and gives credence to your present emotional state) is the most powerful part of this process. To cultivate this natural, innate curiosity, it is very helpful to put aside what you think you already know about your situation, and prepare your mind to discover the deeper, hidden aspects of these stories. An attitude of “not knowing” creates a space for those previously unconscious traits to come to the surface where you can begin this inquiry into those aspects of yourself that are keeping you limited and stuck.

This will also help to “lighten up” and even be more playful about your explorations into these patterns. To me, it would be similar to returning to a child-like mindset of curiosity and exploration… looking at things as if it is the first time you’ve ever seen it, openly and easily exploring every aspect of it…. just for fun of it!

This will lead to statements such as: “I wonder…”, “Isn’t that interesting… ?“, “Wow, I never realized that… !” , “What would happen if…?”, etc. I think it’s pretty easy to see how this would lead to some detachment from the outcome, which would automatically expand your awareness and openness to your relationship to these “stories”.

2 Practicing Compassion for Yourself and Others

Being kind, loving and compassionate toward yourself, and others, who you feel may have been a part of creating these “stories” , will help you immeasurably on this journey of self-discovery. Your personality, beliefs, values and “world view” are an accumulation of personal experiences and associated responses that were a result of your growing and maturing into the person you are now, and although the path you followed is unique to you, the patterns and underlying motivations are universal… everyone does this and each of us is doing the best we can.

Whatever the source of your story was, no matter who was involved, or how you might have perceived the situation, there is no one, nor no thing, to blame for it. Being able to discover and look at all this, non-judgmentally and objectively, will soften the burden on everyone involved, and accelerate your progress in untold ways.

Another area you may find some discomfort in is the discovery that “who you thought you were” (as far as what you thought others thought of you) isn’t in alignment with your real motivations and values. In other words, as you get more honest with yourself, it can be quite disconcerting to get a glimpse of the extent of your “mismatch” between your perception of “you”, and how you’re actually “showing up” in the world. Again, please be kind, understanding and compassionate toward yourself, and others… there’s no one to blame, and you are NOT defective, bad or wrong for being this way.

3 Be Willing to Be Totally Honest with Yourself

This is a quality that is essential in doing this process, yet our society and culture seems to be driven toward superficiality and pretense. This can make it difficult to get in touch with your true, deeper self, and the motivations and “stories” that are keeping you stuck in your present situation. Being willing to cultivate the habit of “radical honesty”, while working with this process, will greatly enhance your ability to discover and let go of those self-sabotaging beliefs and personality traits.

One practice that can be very helpful in this area is to look at your deeper motivations behind your behavior. For example, you may feel that you are a kind and giving person, and you go out of your way to help others in need. While on the surface this may seem like a “positive trait”, upon deeper investigation, you may find that you are acting that way to get recognition and to improve your self-esteem. A clue to this would be feeling good about yourself when you lend a helping hand, but then feeling resentment or diminishment in self-worth if your efforts aren’t noticed and acknowledged.

You may want to remember this maxim: “the truth shall set you free”… although being willing to take an honest look at yourself can be confronting and somewhat uncomfortable, I think it is well worth the effort and time, and is an integral part of returning to your Authentic Self.

4 Trust the Process

One of the most powerful outcomes from doing this process is a closer, more intimate relationship to your Higher Self, and it’s connection to Source. As you let go of those parts of your “little self” that have held your attention for so long, you will automatically start to sense an Inner Guidance growing within you. This Guidance can only be heard by a still, quiet mind, and will never intrude on you, uninvited.

Learning to hear and trust this Guidance will ultimately lead you to a life that is full of Joy, Peace, Love
and Abundance. Since it is your Authentic Self, it has always wanted this for you, and has only been limited to the extent that you were distracted and focused on those lower aspects of your self . This “new” connection will eventually show up as synchronistic events, unexpected life-enhancing manifestations, and “miracles”… you will start to experience life as a flow of ease, effortlessness and pleasant “gifts”!

It is important to remember that it took a while for you get to where you are now, and it will take some time to free yourself from your present life situation. Having trust in the process and giving yourself the time and tools to bring the sought after results into fruition will most assuredly produce the best outcome with the least amount of pain and suffering.

One other bit of advice that goes along with this is: don’t look at external evidence while working with the process. Stay focused on the process, itself, and let go of the temptation to measure what kind of results you are getting in your life. I know this can be difficult, but by trying to calculate how effective this process is by constantly analysing what is going on in your external world, will just slow you down.

In Conclusion

Although this explanation may seem too short, or lacking in detail, I don’t have the time or space to cover every aspect of these important points. My intention is to write a very in-depth manual (book?) about how to implement the ECAP, so, hopefully for now, this will be helpful in some small way to those of you who are on this journey of “Growing a Greater You”.

Here is a short list of some other practices that will enhance your chances of success with the process:

  • Meditation: create some quiet time, and get into a relaxed, meditative state (get grounded in your body), before beginning the process each day. It is also very helpful to incorporate daily meditations into your schedule, especially anything that helps you connect with your “heart center” and your Higher Self.
  • take care of yourself: drink plenty of water, eat as well as you can, get plenty of rest and try to exercise daily (a walk in nature can be very beneficial)
  • ask for help: If you have any kind of “inner helpers” (Guides, Saints, God, Angels, Ascended Masters, Source, Spirit, Jesus, Buddah, etc.) that you feel a connection to, ask them to help you to let go of those things that are preventing you from experiencing your true nature. Turn it over, and let go!

========= This, That and The Other Thing ============

Teleseminars: As of right now, Greg and I are still doing the teleseminars every Thursday at 8 PM EST, (call 1-443-453-0034 Conference Code: 226919) although we may temporarily suspend them for a month or so this summer. We will make every effort to keep everyone informed as we find out more. In case you missed any of the shows, I’ve added an archive of past recordings (18 as of now) on my website and you can find them at this link.

You can also check out past newsletters on my coaching site, or schedule a free intro session, at this link. You can also spend a little time wandering around this blog… all the past newsletters can be found here, plus a bunch of my other brilliant “stuff”…. ENJOY!!

Greg also has a link to these archives on his blog site, plus a ton of other info, including a schedule of his upcoming live events and a list of his great books.

ECAP Tip of The Week: Whether you are using this process, or some other technique for “evolving” or awakening to your True Self, you will find it very helpful to learn to practice “presence” in your life. All it takes is practising becoming more aware of your internal state on a moment-to-moment basis. One of the best, and simplest techniques is to start to notice how you are breathing. Many of us will actually hold our breath, or breath in a very shallow manner, whenever we are in a stressful situation. Taking a moment to do a “body scan” will help you to be more conscious of your inner state of being, and will greatly enhance your ability to be present during those situations. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that you not only survive it, but that you are now free of that particular limitation.


Newsletter 5: What “self” are you talking about?

Have you ever stopped to ask: What is this “self’ I’m talking about?

When I started writing these newsletters, my original intention was to explore how one might take a journey of self-discovery that would ultimately lead to reaching a goal or desire. For this instalment, I’ve chosen the subject of “self”… you know, that “thing” we all refer to as “me”, the part of you that you’ve come to identify as the person who is reading this and, hopefully, taking some time to think about what it all means.
For purposes of this discussion (and as a reflection of my view on this topic), I’m going to use three variations: self, Self, and SELF. Obviously, each of these connotations carries a different definition, and therefore, different characteristics,functions,and abilities. Understanding these differences will allow you to better navigate through this journey, and will assist you in enjoying it much more.

SELF: The Big Guy in the Sky!

I thought it would be best to start at the beginning (or, what some might call “The End”): THE SELF. For purposes of this discussion, I’m going to call this GOD… you can use whatever feels right to you: All-That-Is, Source Energy, Allah, Alpha/Omega, IT, Big Guy in the Sky, The One Mind, etc. In reality, any name (or concept/definition you could ever come up with) will never be accurate… you cannot use a three-dimensional brain to understand a multi-dimensional Being! Anyway, I will simply define this SELF as the ONE that encompasses (and is the SOURCE of) All that IS… IT always was, and always will be, and there is no place or time IT is not… IT is your true Home, and, as such, is the “place” you are always trying to get back to. The good news is: you never left! How could you be separate from something that always was, everywhere?

Who, me?

At this point, I feel it would be best to look at “self”. In one of my first newsletters in this series, I asked you to define who you are and where you are now. If you did that exercise properly, you probably have a long list of “evidence” that proves you are a body having some kind of physical experience. I have a big surprise for you: as “real” as all that may seem to be, it isn’t “who you are”… your body is simply a vehicle for your human experience, very similar in function to a car or boat. At birth, you didn’t know you had a body, and you didn’t even know you were a separate individual from all other bodies… babies do not differentiate themselves from others… they think of themselves as an integral part of the world around them. I’m not going to go into the scientific proof of this “theory”, but I will say that most researchers agree that all babies go through a traumatic event called “separation shock”, at some early point in their lives, when they realize that they are separate from their mother. This moment is the birth of the “self”, and starts the life-long journey of trying to survive and protect the entity we’ve come to define as “me”.

The journey to Self

From this moment on, there is a part of us that is continually assessing every detail from our environment, measuring and judging every person, place and thing we come into contact with. That part is filtering all this data by asking one question: is this safe or not? Will it help me to survive or will it hurt me in some way? From this, we create our “world view”, which not only defines our outer world, but also becomes the basis of “who I am”. It forms the basis of the “story” we tell ourselves, and eventually, it solidifies into “our truth”. I go into much more detail about this aspect of our “self” in some of my other newsletters, but I’ll say here that this “self-concept” is almost always inaccurate, limiting and restrictive… and, is the source of why we can’t seem to manifest so many of our goals and desires.
The good news is that we are so much more than we ever thought… and, luckily, no matter how much we believe the “story” of this little “self”, our Real Self “knows” the “Truth”. This “Self” is that part of the SELF that each of us retains, and that is always tying to assist us in becoming aware of ItSelf. How does IT communicate to that part of ourselves that is so absorbed and distracted by the “world we think we live in”? Simple… it uses feelings and emotions to let us know whether we are in or out of alignment with our Highest Self… if we feel “bad”, we are vibrating at a level that is out of synch with our Highest Self… when we feel “good”, we are a vibrational match with that Self, and life becomes a constant flow of Joy, Peace, Love, Light, and Abundance… AAAAHHHHHHH!!

Are we “there” yet?

Ok, so how do you get “there”? Well, since you’ve always been “there” (you actually never left), all you need to “do” is to “undo” who you thought you were! Yep… it’s that simple… stop denying and resisting where you think you are NOW, accept that is how it is for you at this time, and be willing to let go of that old, limiting story you’ve been telling yourself for so many years. There are many ways to accomplish this, and I’ve spent most of my life trying to figure out how to “get it done”. Further down the page, there will be more information about that, but for now I want to thank you for taking the time to read my little offering and I wish, with all my heart, that you find the path that brings you ALL that you desire and richly deserve… NAMASTE!!


It has been almost 2 months since my obviously non-fatal heart attack, and I just want to report that I’m doing great… in fact, I’m feeling better than ever! I’ve done a tremendous amount of research into heart-health and the possibility of reversing some of the plaque build up (my cardiologist told me that although they “fixed” the right side, my left side has “some blockage”, which they will monitor and “maybe operate” = bypass surgery ). His plan of action is to put me on meds and hope that they can “slow down” the progress of the “disease”… when I told him I wanted to use “natural methods” (diet and exercise, power of the mind, etc.) to reverse the damage and heal the arteries, he said it would be impossible!! I will NOT be deterred… I KNOW this can be done, and I’m on a mission!!

Anyway, I would like to pass on to ALL of you some of my findings in hopes that you may get some benefit in your life. One of the main beliefs I have is that the mind CAN control almost every aspect of my life, including the health of my body. However, this heart attack has proven to me that there are certain limitations to that premise, and that I need to be aware of what those limitations are. For the sake of brevity, I’ll just say that I felt my health was pretty good since I BELIEVED I was healthy… obviously, the truth was something quite different, and I received a wake-up call before it was too late. Fortunately for me, there seems to be almost no permanent damage and I’m making very sure that my lifestyle now optimizes my chances for a much healthier (and happier) future.
I’m now enrolled in (and am participating fully in) a cardiac rehab exercise program, which will be a permanent part of my life from this point forward. I’ve also made a major adjustment to my diet, and this (to me) is the most significant life-enhancing change I’ve made (and the one I hope you’ll seriously consider)… it is based on the best-selling book, “Eat To Live”, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. I won’t go into the details here, but I will say that it has contributed immensely to a huge improvement in EVERY area of my life… I’m losing weight (easily), I have tons of energy and I feel 30 yrs. younger…. life is definitely a lot more fun when you’re healthy!!

Teleconference Update
In case you didn’t already know (or, maybe you just forgot), Greg Kuhn (award-winning author of the “Why Quantum Physicists…” series of books)and I are still hosting a one-hour teleconference every Thursday evening at 8 PM. You can join us by calling this number (1-443-453-0034), and punching in this access number (226919). We are starting a new format tonight… we both feel that this is meant to be a “participatory show”, and we want EVERYONE to join in and contribute to the healing energy we are generating. So, Greg and I will do a short talk (20-30 min.)on a certain subject and then open the floor to anyone who has a question, comment or any kind of feedback. Since the call will be muted (to cut down on background noise), you will need to “raise your hand” (press 5* on your phone) if you want to say something, and I’ll unmute you. I hope to see you there… #BeOne

ECAP Tip Of The Week:
One of the common setbacks that some of my clients seem to be running into, as they start to work with the higher “positive” emotions of the chart, is a tendency to feel “negative” emotions at that level. The expectation is that, by this point in the process, they “should” have left all the “negative stuff” behind, and just enjoy all the beautiful, positive energy. However, what we’re finding is that sometimes, there are old, limiting, unconscious beliefs that are sabotaging the process. In other words, there can be some negativity associated with the accomplishment of the goal/desire. For example, if you are working on having more time to enjoy your life, and if you’ve had a traumatic or negative experience, in the past when you did have more time, then you might be subconsciously avoiding actually reaching your goal/desire because you fear that it could be painful or you’ll be hurt in some way.
The best way to handle that situation is to keep working the process… sit down and spend some time journaling about what your story is about what might happen if you were successful in fully manifesting your desire/goal… this will help you to become aware of the unconscious beliefs/stories that may be limiting your progress and sabotaging your best efforts. Then, write a new, better feeling story that helps you to let go of the old one and creates the space for you to continue up the chart. As usual, you can always contact me for further help with this.

Contact Info
If you want to contact me, set up a free intro session, subscribe to my newsletter, or view an archive of past newsletters, you can visit my website at: If you would like to read or comment on this, or past newsletters, or if you want to peruse my other brilliant offerings, you can visit my blog at Frankly Speaking. And, of course, if you have any interest in Greg Kuhn’s work, you can visit his site… he also has a newsletter, and many other informative articles, plus all our old teleseminars are archived there as well.

Think About This: “I am the Awareness of That which is being, having and doing.”

Newsletter 4 Coaching News and Updates

Just another Heart Attack…

As many of you probably already know, I recently had a “medical emergency” that prevented me from carrying out my coaching responsibilities. On Tuesday, Jan. 14th, I had a heart attack, but because of many “miraculous coincidences”, there was almost zero long-term damage, and I should enjoy a complete recovery. I apologize for any missed appointments or any other inconveniences this event may have caused any of you, and I’m fairly confident most of you will forgive me. And I want to thank all of you for your prayers and support… it made a big difference.. I am truly blessed! And please, if you missed a session because of this, login to the website and schedule another appointment ASAP… I will be back to work Monday morning (Jan 20th) and I’m looking forward to picking up right where we left off.

The Good Stuff

When I first started writing this update, my intention was to just clear the air about what had happened, but as I was thinking about what to say, I came to the realization that this was more than a news flash… it was a very personally impactful event, on many levels. I would like to share some of the insights that came to me during this adventure. I think anytime that any of us has a close call with death, there is some kind of spiritual experience that can’t be duplicated in any other way. It puts things into perspective and brings a perfect clarity to every area of our lives. The Buddhists have a saying: “make death your friend”, and if you can take a moment to contemplate the deeper meaning of that statement, I think you will understand the wisdom of it.

What can Death teach us?

This is not my first heart attack… I had one in 2002, and unlike this one, I actually did die for a short time… well, at least that’s what I was told, because as far as I was concerned, I just stopped existing for a short time. My heart had stopped for a “bit”, and clinically I was dead, but I didn’t get to the “going to the light” stage… I was here one second, then nothing, and then I was back. Although it was very short (and hardly noticeable), it was still a significant event… as I lay there in the hospital bed afterward, the thought came to me that that could have been the end.. no more me, no more chances to do more or better, no more time to do all that I had wished to do. The main question that came up was: “If that had been the end, was I OK with what I had done with my life, and the impact that I had had on those I came into contact with?”. How would you answer that question?

I think we all live with the false belief that we have plenty of time to “get it right”, to accomplish those things we want to do, to heal our relationships, to make some kind of meaningful contribution to the world… but, in truth, we never know when our number is up, or when someone we love is going to leave us. We squander our lives as if our actions are inconsequential and the feelings of others have little value to us. If you knew that today was your last opportunity to express yourself in this lifetime, how would you spend the day?

What I learned…

At that moment, twelve years ago, I made a pledge that I would be the best I could be, live my life to the fullest, bring as much joy and happiness to others as I could, and, most of all, keep ALL my relationships as clean as possible. To be honest, I haven’t been 100% successful in every area, but, at least from my perspective, I’ve done pretty damn good, and if I had “passed over” Tuesday, I would have had no regrets. However, in spite of my best intentions, I also realize that there are some things that I’ve let slide recently, and this “brush with death” has renewed my commitment in those areas. My hope is that some of you will take this to heart and it will form the impetus for you to take those first steps to “Growing a Greater You”… is there a better time to start than today??

And, now what?

As I re-read this “newsletter”, I feel it is totally inadequate to fully express what I’m trying to convey here… words just don’t seem to be able to capture the urgency and depth of this message, and of course, there’s my obvious limits, as a writer, to get the point across as well as I would have liked to. My hope is that, despite my shortcomings in trying to convey this message, that you are able to garner something useful to YOU!

If you’ve been following this newsletter, and the work Greg and I have done, you are probably already familiar with what we’re trying to accomplish with this adventure… if you want to know more, you can visit my website (Beyond Belief Coaching) or check out Greg’s website (Why Quantum Physicists...). And, we would love to hear any comments, thoughts or feedback right here on this blog…. what’s on your mind?

If you have any connection to what I’ve shared here, please do yourself (and those you love) a big favour and get started today… if you don’t think I’m the guy who can assist you to make those changes, then find someone who you feel will fill that role. Whatever you decide to do, I hold you in the vision of your perfect success and send you all Light, Love, Joy, Abundance and Peace… NAMASTE!!

Other Misc News and Updates:

  • Greg and I will continue to offer our weekly teleconferences every Thursday evening at 8 PM. We cover a different subject each week, and we’ll primarily be discussing Greg’s award-winning books (The “Why Quantum Physicists…” series) and how I’ve incorporated his processes into my coaching practice. It is totally free and open to anyone who’s interested, by dialing this grownumber: 1-443-453-0034, then entering this code when prompted: 226919. Please note: this is not meant to be a lecture or “sermon”… we strongly encourage you to participate fully in the conversation… we hope to see you there! OBTW, an archive of past airings can be found at Greg’s website here.


  • One of the things that has become very apparent recently is that I’m quickly approaching overload as my coaching practice keeps expanding. As I devote more of my time to actual coaching sessions, I’m finding it harder to find the time to take care of the day-to-day responsibilities of running an online business. I am looking for a volunteer to assist me with this, and in return, they will not only learn a tremendous amount of invaluable information about the coaching business, they will receive some of the best personal coaching that can be found anywhere, not to mention the satisfaction of contributing to many other’s lives. This will become a paid position as soon as the cash-flow allows for it, but initially I’m afraid I can only offer it as stated. If you feel drawn to this opportunity, please contact me via my website, but only if you are sure you have the time and commitment that will be needed to “get it done”.


  • We’ve recently decided to offer our coaching training exclusively to our clients… the only way to become certified as an ECAP coach is to successfully go through the process as a client. If you are interested, the best way to get started is to sign up for a free intro session and see if this is what you are looking for. If you are already a client, send me a formal request… our first group will be limited to what we feel we’ll be able to handle effectively and efficiently, so be sure to sign up early. If you don’t make it into this initial group, your name will be placed on a waiting list for future consideration.

I’ve updated the Emotional Chart Attunement Process (ECAP) outline and I’ve changed the format to PDF (due to some problems a few clients had downloading and printing the Word format)… you can find it by logging into my site and clicking on <FORMS>  and then scrolling down to <DOCUMENTS>. This outline is the basis for all the coaching sessions, and is automatically sent to anyone who signs up for a free introductory session. Please visit my site for more info… thank you!