Newsletter 6: How to Prepare Yourself to do the PROCESS

Newsletter 6: How to Prepare Yourself to do the PROCESS

This newsletter will be the beginning of a series that goes into more detail about each step of doing the Emotional Chart Atonement Process (ECAP). Today’s instalment will address the issue of how to prepare yourself for actually doing the process, and, hopefully, it will assist you in getting the most out of the time you invest in it. There are four basic “qualities of self” we’ll be covering here:

1 Cultivate Your Innate Curiosity

I believe that uncovering your “old story” (the source of that unconscious belief that supports and gives credence to your present emotional state) is the most powerful part of this process. To cultivate this natural, innate curiosity, it is very helpful to put aside what you think you already know about your situation, and prepare your mind to discover the deeper, hidden aspects of these stories. An attitude of “not knowing” creates a space for those previously unconscious traits to come to the surface where you can begin this inquiry into those aspects of yourself that are keeping you limited and stuck.

This will also help to “lighten up” and even be more playful about your explorations into these patterns. To me, it would be similar to returning to a child-like mindset of curiosity and exploration… looking at things as if it is the first time you’ve ever seen it, openly and easily exploring every aspect of it…. just for fun of it!

This will lead to statements such as: “I wonder…”, “Isn’t that interesting… ?“, “Wow, I never realized that… !” , “What would happen if…?”, etc. I think it’s pretty easy to see how this would lead to some detachment from the outcome, which would automatically expand your awareness and openness to your relationship to these “stories”.

2 Practicing Compassion for Yourself and Others

Being kind, loving and compassionate toward yourself, and others, who you feel may have been a part of creating these “stories” , will help you immeasurably on this journey of self-discovery. Your personality, beliefs, values and “world view” are an accumulation of personal experiences and associated responses that were a result of your growing and maturing into the person you are now, and although the path you followed is unique to you, the patterns and underlying motivations are universal… everyone does this and each of us is doing the best we can.

Whatever the source of your story was, no matter who was involved, or how you might have perceived the situation, there is no one, nor no thing, to blame for it. Being able to discover and look at all this, non-judgmentally and objectively, will soften the burden on everyone involved, and accelerate your progress in untold ways.

Another area you may find some discomfort in is the discovery that “who you thought you were” (as far as what you thought others thought of you) isn’t in alignment with your real motivations and values. In other words, as you get more honest with yourself, it can be quite disconcerting to get a glimpse of the extent of your “mismatch” between your perception of “you”, and how you’re actually “showing up” in the world. Again, please be kind, understanding and compassionate toward yourself, and others… there’s no one to blame, and you are NOT defective, bad or wrong for being this way.

3 Be Willing to Be Totally Honest with Yourself

This is a quality that is essential in doing this process, yet our society and culture seems to be driven toward superficiality and pretense. This can make it difficult to get in touch with your true, deeper self, and the motivations and “stories” that are keeping you stuck in your present situation. Being willing to cultivate the habit of “radical honesty”, while working with this process, will greatly enhance your ability to discover and let go of those self-sabotaging beliefs and personality traits.

One practice that can be very helpful in this area is to look at your deeper motivations behind your behavior. For example, you may feel that you are a kind and giving person, and you go out of your way to help others in need. While on the surface this may seem like a “positive trait”, upon deeper investigation, you may find that you are acting that way to get recognition and to improve your self-esteem. A clue to this would be feeling good about yourself when you lend a helping hand, but then feeling resentment or diminishment in self-worth if your efforts aren’t noticed and acknowledged.

You may want to remember this maxim: “the truth shall set you free”… although being willing to take an honest look at yourself can be confronting and somewhat uncomfortable, I think it is well worth the effort and time, and is an integral part of returning to your Authentic Self.

4 Trust the Process

One of the most powerful outcomes from doing this process is a closer, more intimate relationship to your Higher Self, and it’s connection to Source. As you let go of those parts of your “little self” that have held your attention for so long, you will automatically start to sense an Inner Guidance growing within you. This Guidance can only be heard by a still, quiet mind, and will never intrude on you, uninvited.

Learning to hear and trust this Guidance will ultimately lead you to a life that is full of Joy, Peace, Love
and Abundance. Since it is your Authentic Self, it has always wanted this for you, and has only been limited to the extent that you were distracted and focused on those lower aspects of your self . This “new” connection will eventually show up as synchronistic events, unexpected life-enhancing manifestations, and “miracles”… you will start to experience life as a flow of ease, effortlessness and pleasant “gifts”!

It is important to remember that it took a while for you get to where you are now, and it will take some time to free yourself from your present life situation. Having trust in the process and giving yourself the time and tools to bring the sought after results into fruition will most assuredly produce the best outcome with the least amount of pain and suffering.

One other bit of advice that goes along with this is: don’t look at external evidence while working with the process. Stay focused on the process, itself, and let go of the temptation to measure what kind of results you are getting in your life. I know this can be difficult, but by trying to calculate how effective this process is by constantly analysing what is going on in your external world, will just slow you down.

In Conclusion

Although this explanation may seem too short, or lacking in detail, I don’t have the time or space to cover every aspect of these important points. My intention is to write a very in-depth manual (book?) about how to implement the ECAP, so, hopefully for now, this will be helpful in some small way to those of you who are on this journey of “Growing a Greater You”.

Here is a short list of some other practices that will enhance your chances of success with the process:

  • Meditation: create some quiet time, and get into a relaxed, meditative state (get grounded in your body), before beginning the process each day. It is also very helpful to incorporate daily meditations into your schedule, especially anything that helps you connect with your “heart center” and your Higher Self.
  • take care of yourself: drink plenty of water, eat as well as you can, get plenty of rest and try to exercise daily (a walk in nature can be very beneficial)
  • ask for help: If you have any kind of “inner helpers” (Guides, Saints, God, Angels, Ascended Masters, Source, Spirit, Jesus, Buddah, etc.) that you feel a connection to, ask them to help you to let go of those things that are preventing you from experiencing your true nature. Turn it over, and let go!

========= This, That and The Other Thing ============

Teleseminars: As of right now, Greg and I are still doing the teleseminars every Thursday at 8 PM EST, (call 1-443-453-0034 Conference Code: 226919) although we may temporarily suspend them for a month or so this summer. We will make every effort to keep everyone informed as we find out more. In case you missed any of the shows, I’ve added an archive of past recordings (18 as of now) on my website and you can find them at this link.

You can also check out past newsletters on my coaching site, or schedule a free intro session, at this link. You can also spend a little time wandering around this blog… all the past newsletters can be found here, plus a bunch of my other brilliant “stuff”…. ENJOY!!

Greg also has a link to these archives on his blog site, plus a ton of other info, including a schedule of his upcoming live events and a list of his great books.

ECAP Tip of The Week: Whether you are using this process, or some other technique for “evolving” or awakening to your True Self, you will find it very helpful to learn to practice “presence” in your life. All it takes is practising becoming more aware of your internal state on a moment-to-moment basis. One of the best, and simplest techniques is to start to notice how you are breathing. Many of us will actually hold our breath, or breath in a very shallow manner, whenever we are in a stressful situation. Taking a moment to do a “body scan” will help you to be more conscious of your inner state of being, and will greatly enhance your ability to be present during those situations. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that you not only survive it, but that you are now free of that particular limitation.


Quantum Life Coaching (Part 4)

Sorry for the absence… I’ve been so busy exploring and learning that I just have not had any time to sit down and write a new blog entry. Finally, today, I have the time and motivation to create my next mind-blowing dissertation. So, let’s get to it!!


As of the end of March, I’ve completed 6 months of my Quantum Coach Training, which is halfway through the year-long certification program. It has been challenging, enlightening, frustrating and tremendously rewarding and, although I’ve had several bouts with self-doubt and mild “depression”, overall I’m glad I chose this path. If nothing else, I’m getting a good look at my personal and spiritual life and I’m being forced to deeply question my motivations and underlying, unconscious beliefs and values. That alone is worth the price of the tuition!

As for the course itself, we’ve just completed the Business Building module and I’m joyfully overwhelmed with all the possibilities that have been presented… I’ve discovered that there is an endless supply of ways to create abundance in my life and I’m now dealing with the task of becoming more clear about which direction to focus on. I feel like a child in a candy store !

Reconciling different philosophies

Over the years, I’ve studied many different “spiritual philosophies” (you can find some of what I mean by perusing the “About Me” link) but I’ve recently narrowed my focus down to 3 main “categories”: A Course in Miracles, Eckhart Tolle (Present in the Now) and, of course, The Law of Attraction (as presented by Ester Hicks/Abraham). If you are unfamiliar with any of these, or you would like to explore them further, just do a Google search and you’ll find tons of info. For me to embrace any form of coaching modality, I had to reconcile these seemingly divergent spiritual paths because I felt that my coaching sessions  needed to be congruent with my spiritual ideals… I couldn’t use what I didn’t believe in!

English: Cover of ACIM Third Edition

The whole story on how I was able to see the “common thread” within these different philosophies is quite lengthy and I’ll probably write a separate post (or maybe a book!) about it, but for now I’ll just give a short synopsis. A  Course in Miracles (ACIM) basically proposes that we are all part of the Mind of God, and, although we have actually never left our Home, we are “asleep” and “dreaming” the reality we call “this life”. The process of returning to the awareness of our True Self is both highly personalized and yet universal: we realize what we “see” is not real, we become willing to let it go and we ask (the Holy Spirit, Jesus, whatever works for you) to heal our mind by removing the blocks we’ve made to keep God’s Love out of our awareness.

A New Earth

Eckhart Tolle, while not being opposed to what ACIM asserts, has a different technique for getting “there”: by meditating and non-judgmentally noticing what is going on inside, both as internal chatter and physical sensation, and just letting go of it, we can attain a state of PRESENCE. This Presence is our True Self, the Awareness that is conscious of who we think we are. That Awareness has become trapped into believing that the body, and all it’s experiences, is itself. Our path to true Freedom and Joy then becomes the task of realizing that all this “stuff” is just a distraction, and as we allow ourselves to move inward, we will discover what has always been there… our True Self as Pure Awareness. We then take that mind-set into our daily lives and begin to experience our world as a place endless beauty, peace, abundance and joy. Sounds simple enough, right? LOL

Now, for the tricky part. These first two ideologies were fairly easy to “mash together”, but the Law of Attraction proved to be more daunting. When I signed up for this coaching training, I did so because I expected some new leading-edge mind-blowing  life-altering “techniques” that would allow me to make a huge impact in my client’s life. I was quite shocked and disappointed when I realized that much of the material was actually stuff I had studied 20-30 years ago and had “moved past”. Although I almost withdrew from the course, I decided to stick with it and see where it took me… and, I’m glad I did!  The main techniques used in the course are based on the material channeled by Ester Hicks from a non-physical being named Abraham. It is loosely called the Law of Attraction (that which we hold in our “vibration” will manifest in our reality), but includes a number of other “laws”, the other central tenets being the Law of Deliberate Creation (we can choose what we get by deliberately changing our thoughts and emotions) and the Law of Allowing (we don’t need to struggle to get what we want… we just need to let the Universe bring it to us).

What you are living is the evidence of what yo...

The main reason I had discarded the LOA  as a meaningful spiritual path 20 years ago was because it seemed to be so “egocentric”, meaning that they were always saying “what do you want?” and the workshops were filled with discussions about how to be happy by getting all the things that would satisfy you. Anyone who has been on a spiritual quest for any amount of time quickly realizes that true happiness can’t possibly come from manipulating the external situation and that the pursuit of material gain only leads to more pain and suffering. I have to note here that the release of the DVD “The Secret” just further confirmed to me that this path was not for me. However, as I studied the recent books, CDs, meditations and other “Abe stuff”, I began to notice a shift in what was being taught: the emphasis was now on connecting to SOURCE to discover what your desires and wants are. Again, I’m not going to go into all the ways this is being promoted, but I feel this is a significant point. In fact, it now seems that all three of these philosophies are pointing to the same reference point for living a truly happy and fulfilling life while playing fully in the physical universe: a connection to your True Self, Source, Awareness, Higher Self, Truth, God, or whatever else you want to call IT… it’s all good!


The Meaning Of Life Is To Be Happy

I’d like to end this with a little discussion about TRUTH… in this world, truth is a relative thing… everyone believes they have the “answer” and feels they know the “truth”, but, in actuality, all we can ever have is an opinion based on our beliefs. Almost all the pain and suffering in this world is brought on by people who confuse beliefs with TRUTH. It is a function of the brain (not the MIND) to organize your life so you feel somewhat safe in the chaos that surrounds us. It does this by drawing conclusions and making judgements about everything it experiences… from this it forms a world-view that determines each individual’s way of dealing with life situations… and then it goes out and finds evidence that reinforces its point-of-view and tries to prove it is “right” (and you are “wrong”, of course). I don’t care how many “facts” nor how much knowledge you can accumulate about any subject, you will never find true safety, peace or happiness from that endeavor. Being happy and feeling fulfilled is a conscious choice we can make every moment of the day… it doesn’t depend on external circumstances or the condition of the body… it is totally self-contained and is experienced by choosing to be conscious of who you really are… Pure Awareness. I can’t explain or prove it to you… the only way to KNOW it is to experience IT, and that is something I can help you with. I’m still offering several hours of free coaching sessions to anyone who is interested, although my time-slots are filling pretty fast. Obviously, this is not for everyone, but if you feel connected in any way to what I’ve said here, please contact me on FB, twitter, email (hover over my picture on the right side of the home page) or post a comment below.

Best wishes and many blessings… Live long and Prosper!!

Quantum Life Coaching (Part 3)


New Insights

As the start date for my new coaching classes approach, I find myself contemplating how this new career will impact my life. I’ve been exploring  many coaching websites and trying to understand their styles and philosophies, and, at times, I’ve sampled some of their techniques. Here are some of my insights and impressions:

  •  There is an almost infinite number of choices for anyone seeking help in taking control of their lives. Although I can’t judge how efficient or effective these coaches are in getting the desired results, there certainly is no lack in variety.
  • It seems that most coaches are focusing on a “specialized area” (otherwise known as a niche), but will still work with almost anyone on any set of “challenges”, AND they assert that they ALL have  the SECRET “tool” that will positively guarantee the client’s success.
  • Even though their are many individuals already playing the coaching game, there is till plenty of room for growth, but there is no regulatory agency nor any centralized, universally recognized certifying organization…. anyone can put up a sign and claim they are a life coach.

If you take all this into consideration, it would seem to be confusing, and possibly dangerous,  for anyone contemplating entering into a working relationship with a coach. However, to counter this assertion, it seems that most clients are more than satisfied with the results they are getting and most groups who monitor the coaching sector agree that this field is healthy and expanding at a very high rate. To me, it seems to be a win-win-win career: client’s get what they want (hopefully, more than they expect), I get the personal satisfaction of assisting another in their evolution, and I create a source of income that is directly linked to how effective I am as a coach. And, oh yeah, this all helps me grow in every area of my life…. PERFECTO!!

Advice to potential clients and coaches

If you are considering life coaching, either as a career or as a source of guidance for your journey, I’ve got a few suggestions:

  • Do your homework, and listen to your intuition…. check out as many different styles and philosophies as you can; most coaches offer a free session as an introduction… try out a couple and see what “feels right” for you.
  • If you’re considering a coaching career, try a session with a coach who has completed that particular training… see how you like that style and how effective it was for you. It is probably worth hiring a coach, at least for a while, to help you make the decision.
  • Coaching is much more about heart connections than it is about defining and adhering to a set of life rules. If you don’t feel connected to a coach, try someone else. If you don’t think you can acquire the skills needed to become an effective yet loving coach, yourself, please understand that you have many gifts and talents that the world needs… don’t sell yourself short. You don’t have to be living a “perfect” life to be helpful to someone else in their journey.

What I’m excited about

 Since I made the commitment to renew my coaching career,  I can feel a “quickening” inside me… I wake each day, looking forward to new discoveries and the many synchronicities that keep happening to me. The doubts have disappeared and a quite, calm sureness has entered my mind and soul, and each moment brings the excitement of new possibilities and opportunities. I’ve been visualizing all the successes I’ll experience and my internal dialogue has been filled with affirmations and positive conversations. I have to add here that none of this has been forced or manufactured… it has happened naturally and automatically as I move along this new journey… I feel totally inspired and intimately guided by my Higher self. I have much more to share about this, but need to end this post soon… I’ll be adding more in the future as I travel along this path… thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me and I hope you will continue to share your thoughts and comments here so we can all play, together.


Quantum Life Coaching (Part 1)

This series is going to summarize my latest adventure into using the Internet as a vehicle for making a difference in the world and creating an income flow. Today, I registered for a course called Quantum Success Coaching, which is being offered by a trainer named Christy Whitman . I will chronicle here all my thoughts and impressions as I navigate this journey over the next year. My posts will appear under the Quantum Life Coaching category that you can find in the menu on the right edge of any page. For those who have been following my recent posts about Internet Marketing (which I’ve left on the blog), this change in direction may seem sudden and strange, but it is the direct result of two insights:

  • Although I found I could have made money using Internet Marketing, I was unable to find a product or service that I could, in good conscience, support and recommend to my friends and clients.
  • Becoming a Life Coach, especially using the techniques and tools offered by this training, will fulfill one of my lifelong dreams of being able to contribute in a meaningful and lasting way to the lives of others.

In the process of making this decision, I was faced with a tremendous amount of doubt and fear. I’ve taken many other trainings in the past and have spent a ton of money trying to prepare myself for this task, but have never been able to see it through. In retrospect, I can see that I’ve sabotaged myself each time I’ve approached the point where I could actually start applying my new skills. What is different now that makes me feel I can see this through and move forward with my dream? Well, the number one factor is that my wife is fully behind me in this and she will definitely help keep me on track, especially since she realizes how passionate I am about this, not to mention the large financial investment we had to make.

I still have some concerns about my ability to actually accomplish this, however I believe that this fits perfectly into my life philosophy: our greatest spiritual growth comes to us through our willingness to deal with the toughest challenges, especially those that allow us to contribute to others and to fulfill our most passionate dreams.

 I’m looking forward to your comments and feedback as I document this journey… PEACE!!